Flint on GM bankruptcy rumors: Enough!

Forbes columnist Jerry Flint has had enough of all the bankruptcy rumors swirling around GM. He not only points out the world’s largest automaker’s considerable cash reserves, but also maintains that the media (and thus the public) are functioning under many misconceptions.
Flint examines the reasons why companies declare bankruptcy and how such tenets don’t apply to General Motors. (His view of the union situation is particularly interesting).

According to Flint, GM's product line has finally gotten in line, and the company’s product selection, from the Chevrolet HHR, Saturn's Sky and Aura, to the new GMT900 SUVs, will at least stem the losses.

The international market? GM is Number One in China and a strong competitor in many other markets.

Finally, Flint lambasts Wall Street analysts for their lack of knowledge of the auto industry when they suggest culling GM's brands ( Saab, etc.).

Flint has spoken and, according to him, GM will not go bankrupt. What’s your view?

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