Okay, you’ve seen the concept sat either the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit or online (on Autoblog, of course). And you voted for either the Dodge Challenger or the Chevrolet Camaro in our pony poll between the two cars, right? And you also voted below for whether or not the Chrysler Imperial is a winner or a dud.

Now here’s yet another chance to vote for your favorite concept, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal’s “Bag It or Build It?” special. White provides six concepts: Chevrolet Camaro (pictured); Dodge Challenger; Toyota F3R; Volvo C30; Audi Roadjet; Chrysler Imperial; and the Aston Martin Rapide (which he gives a thumbs up and, after you see the pic, well....) He notes the pros and cons for each vehicle and gives a (brief) discussion on how many of the concepts are actually close to being production models

Cast your votes! And give us your opinion of the listed concepts. (And check out the comments on the Camaro and Challenger on the Autoblog poll. Though the latter won, it did so barely. Regardless, the voters overwhelming want both vehicles built.)

[Thanks for the tip, Carl]

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