Denise Halicki and Angelina Jolie

There are many famous Mustangs, but Eleanor is perhaps the most alluring of them all. Personified most recently in the crappy-but-filled-with-cool-cars remake movie Gone in 60 Seconds, Eleanor has become a brand identity over which some people are willing to go to court to secure. Currently the G.T.500E, also known as "Eleanor", is built by Unique Motorcars under license from Shelby Automobiles. Denise Halicki (shown at right with Angelina Jolie on set), Executive Producer of Gone in 60 Seconds who also has a long and interesting relationship with Eleanor, had filed a lawsuit against both Unique Motorcars and Shelby Automobiles for copyright and trademark infringement over the Eleanor brand and other trademarks. Judge James Otero, however, has just produced a Summary Judgment in the case that favors the side of Eleanor's current owners, citing that none of Ms. Halicki's claims were supported by the evidence. The rights to the Eleanor name rest once again with Unique Motorcars and Shelby Automobiles.

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