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With the help of GM Performance Parts, 8 students from Washtenaw Community College spent this summer restoring and updating one of the most popular muscle cars of all time - a '70 Chevelle. Now that's my idea of a summer job!

The car will be a featured vehicle in GM's SEMA display, and is the subject of an episode of "Rides" on The Learning Channel (in the U.S.).

The car is motivated by an off-the-shelf 620 hp ZZ572 crate engine (with 650 lb-ft of torque!), running through a four-speed Hydra-matic transmission. Four wheel disk brakes, Hotchkiss front and rear suspension upgrades, and 18-inch front/19-inch rear forged aluminum wheels complete the running gear.

Oh, the color? It's PPG's custom "Oh So Orange!" More pics after the jump.

SEMA Chevelle engine 400 pr photo

SEMA Chevelle engine 400 pr photo

[Source: GM]

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