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This spy photo was taken near Jaguar's German engineering facility near the Nürburgring. This is a cooling mule, a test vehicle that has the new nose grafted onto the previous body to test engine cooling with the new design. The next S-Type is said to be a major break in style for Jaguar. The new car will still possess some cues to the past, but the integration of Jaguar's heritage will be done in a modern way. From just this photo, you can tell how the front end swoops down, and how much lower and wider the new grill is. Jaguar's sales performance has not be all that stellar lately, and the previous S-Type was priced in a lucrative segment. Obviously, it is an important vehicle, but we wonder if Jaguar is truly looking for volume, or is planning on taking a different sales approach by focusing on lower-volume, higher margin sales a la Porsche.

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