Malcolm Bricklin continues to sign up dealers for his Visionary Vehicles franchises, despite a battle with GM over the name Chery and high franchise requirements. First of all, GM is trying to stop Bricklin from bringing Chery vehicles to the US, based on the similarity between their names, Chevy and Chery. GM had their battles with Chery in China over the Chevrolet Spark and Chery QQ copying already. That does not really present much of an obstacle, but the high franchise requirements mean only well-heeled dealers can opt into Bricklin's plan. First, dealers will have to purchase $2 million in Visionary stock. Then they will have to find ten acres for the stand-alone building that will house the dealership. The original plans we have seen also call for a test track. We suppose there will not be a dealership in Manhattan. Regardless, Bricklin has 25 dealers signed up already and 200 more in the pipeline (apparently).

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