This is it. This is goodbye. I've had some tough departures before but seeing the Mustang GT roll away was devestating. The lasting impression the Mustang left with me wasn't that it was this amazing sports car, which it was, but it was a car I could love driving to work every day without sacrificing any comfort or convenience.

Mustang GT ShifterAs far as performance the Mustang meets almost all my needs. I would still prefer slightly stronger brakes for such a large and powerful car. But that was the only nitpick here. The shifting was such a joy and the acceleration so engaging that, if this was my own car, I wouldn?t pine for testing others as much as I do now.

 Another aspect of driving it every day I failed to mention before were the doors and riding height. In other sports cars like the GTO the doors are so heavy and long they?re an effort to slam shut and others like the S2000 are hard to get in and out of. Neither of those issues occurred here. My fianc?e found the Mustang to be her favorite sports car as a passenger for those two reasons as well, although she did think the engine was too loud, a comment that brought a mischievous smile to my face.

By far this car gets more looks than anything else I?ve been in. Only the Chrysler 300C sparked similar interest. But having the only Mustang GT I?ve seen in the city threw up attention beacons to other drivers, pedestrians and just about anyone in the vicinity. Lots of friends and coworkers said it was the only Ford they?ve seen in a long time, or ever, they would consider buying. I didn?t find one person who spoke poorly of the design when they saw it in the flesh. My only thought of improvement is the fairly bland back end. Also why is a middle brake light actually required? Here it really destroys the flow of the design and the other brake lights take up such a huge portion of the back anyway. I doubt anyone would not notice the regular brake lights when lit.

Mustang GT Plate

So yes, I do see some flaws with the all-new Mustang but they are few and very far between. Would I recommend it to anyone with $25,000 in their pocket? I already have.

Stay tuned. We?re not done with the Mustang GT quite yet. Tomorrow we?ll post an image gallery of the test Mustang.

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