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    Exclusive: Piloti back on track with new owner Canadian Tire, new shoes

    A longtime favorite of racing drivers, enthusiasts and automotive journalists alike, Piloti emerged in 1999 to provide a unique line of driving shoes for both on-track use and off. Yet despite their popularity in the automotive marketplace, the brand disappeared a couple of years ago after the ...

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    Official: Aston Martin teams with John Lobb for special driving shoes

    The right occasion calls for the right footwear. Aston Martin figures its customers should have the right shoes to drive their GTs, so the British automaker has collaborated with the shoemakers at John Lobb on a special collection of driving shoes. Called Winner Sport, the shoes are made of ...

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    Citroën puts its foot down with DS3 Racing shoes

    Power is nothing without control. That's what Pirelli told us with the famous image of the sprinter in the high-heeled shoes a couple of decades ago. And they were right. Because while some have been known to drive supercars in flip-flops, any racing driver will tell you that you need a proper ...

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    Mini gets sneaky with new set of kicks

    Hard as it might be to believe, there are some people out there who are as into sneakers as we are into cars. Crazy, we know. But they're out there. Now Mini is trying to bridge the gap with a special pair of its own kicks. The latest item in the Mini Lifestyle Collection, the Union Jack ...

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    Everybody Run: Nike Hyperdunks for Aston Martin and Kobe Bryant

    Nike Hyperdunk Kobe Bryant Aston Martin Edition – Click above for image gallery
    You may recall back in '08 when Kobe Bryant went viral for Nike with his jump over an Aston Martin that appeared to drive right at him. As you also know by now, it was just an optical illusion; Kobe was next to ...

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    Heel & Toe: Oregon designer dreams up Ferrari, Ducati sneakers

    Ferrari and Ducati concept Fila shoes by Olivier Henrichot – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Before Ferrari's vast merchandising empire teamed up with Puma to put prancing horses on anything from baseball caps to running shoes and everything in between, they were in bed with Italian ...

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    Advantage, Michelin: Tennis shoes wear car rubber

    Click above for a gallery of the Babolat Propulse 2 with Michelin rubber
    Michelin, the tire company, has a division called Michelin Lifestyle Limited that focuses solely on extending the company's "Better Mobility Concept" to other arenas, the latest one being center court. The brand of Bibendum ...

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    VIDEO: Major air - Ken Block and his flying Subaru

    click above to view video after jumpThumbing through the last issue of 0-60, one of the car-guyiest car mags around, I turned the page and saw an image that stopped me cold. Mother of pearl, a Subaru rally car flying through the air at a snowboard park. How is that even possible? We've all seen ...

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    In the Autoblog Garage Closet: Michelin MXV4 driving shoes

    After making tires for more than 110 years, we guess the folks over at Michelin got bored one day and started looking at what else was made of rubber. We can imagine what products might have been considered, but as fun as Michelin-branded, tire-tread imitating prophylactics might have been, more ...

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    Sheila Driving Shoe makes high-heel and toeing a reality

    var digg_url = ''; As a male, I can't begin to imagine the many hardships that go along with being a woman. Under-wire bras, various forms of painful hair removal, and uncomfortable shoes are just a few of the things many ...

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    Sneaking Rich: Puma by Schedoni

    Order a new Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini and you'll have the option of ordering fitted Schedoni luggage. The hundred-year-old leathercrafters are based in Modena, the same city where the exotic supercars are made, and the exclusivity and allure of their products rival that of the cars for ...

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    Lotus designs personal commuter for Chinese urban dwellers

    UPDATE: The designer of the Camper Lotus, Patty Yuan, has contacted us with some corrections to our original post on her urban commuter. The design is actually her senior thesis project, and is simply a proposal to suggest what such a commuter vehicle might look like if it were designed by the ...


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