Sometimes procrastination has its benefits. Jaguar originally planned to build a run of 18 E-Type Lightweights for racing in the '60s. However, it was only ever to complete 12 of them. It has taken all of the intervening decades to finally get back to the project and build the final run of new Lightweights. While Jag announced the plan recently, the first continuation model was unveiled during the Pebble Beach weekend.

Coming from Jaguar Land Rover's Special Operations unit, these cars are identical to the way they left the factory in the '60s. Jag is even using the same grade of aluminum for the bodies, and the cars are fully compliant for FIA historic racing. Power comes from an aluminum, 3.8-liter inline-six with about 300 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque routed through a four-speed manual gearbox. Who could guess that in 2014 someone could buy a brand new vehicle from a major manufacturer that comes with Weber carbs? Though, Lucas mechanical fuel injection is an option.

While they look old, these new E-types are also a wonder of modern technology. To get things just right, the company laser scanned an original car to create the new bodies. Check out the gallery from the unveiling to see this old cat on the prowl again.

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      On the news story from the other day about this car, I had never made the connection about the Miata and its roots in old British roadsters. That is, until I saw this car from the front again and it smacked me in the face. Then understood so many of the original Miata's styling elements. As much as the first Miata is a cute caricature of the styling elements of this E-type, clearly Japan was paying homage to these British greats.

        Read Tull
        • 4 Months Ago

        Oh yeah, the Lotus Elite and Elan are basically miatas.  Or the other way 'round.

      • 4 Months Ago

      The bodies I can understand.   But did they recast the blocks or find old ones and rebuild them?

      • 4 Months Ago

      This is really cool!!!