When you bring your car to a dealer, you expect a technician to take it out for a spin, just to make sure there aren't any noises, rattles or other behavior that you may have missed. Maybe they run a few miles along a predetermined test route or take a quick run down the highway. You do not, however, expect a tech to abscond with you vehicle for a full weekend

That is just what happened to Chris Jackson, though, an Audi S4 owner in Calgary. His car was taken to Glenmore Audi – as mandated in his lease agreement – due to an issue with the navigation system. After realizing he'd left something in the car, he swung by the dealer on Saturday to pick it up, only to discover the car wasn't on the dealer's lot.

Naturally, he approached the dealer about the missing sedan.

"And the dealer's response was, 'It's okay, just go home, your car's fine, it's probably just somewhere on the lot. We can't find it.'"

According to Jackson, who spoke to the CBC, he lapped the dealership lot three times looking for the Ibis White S4. After two-and-a-half hours of fighting with the dealership and a call to the Mounties, the dealer finally started reaching out to its mechanics.

"The only way that they had actually even decided that they were going to call these guys was that I'd called the police and said, 'My car's missing, the dealer doesn't know where it is. I don't know where it is, that's a stolen car,'" Jackson said.

According to the owner of Glenmore Audi, the tech took the car to test the nav system over an extended period, but that still isn't sitting well with Jackson.

"The police officer we spoke with said I've never heard of anything like this before, it's clearly ethically wrong," Jackson said. Jackson and his wife, Angela, told the CBC that the tech put about 500 kilometers on the car (about 310 miles) over the weekend.

What do you think? Is this just a big misunderstanding? Would you be okay with an unknown tech taking your supercharged sports sedan home for a weekend of unsupervised use? We want to hear from you in Comments.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 4 Months Ago

      That is a lot of miles on a car

        • 4 Months Ago
        A hell of a lot. I look at it like this: 500km is 4-5 hours driving at highway speeds. On city streets you're looking near double that.
        If we average it that's ~7 hours of mixed driving. What nav problem needs 7 hours of driving?
        He wanted a cool car for the weekend.
      • 4 Months Ago

      If a tech put on 30 miles, no big deal. There is no reason to put 300 miles on a car for testing. 

      The Friendly Grizzly
      • 4 Months Ago

      What are the chances that the mechanic also flogged on the car pretty hard as well?

        • 4 Months Ago
        @The Friendly Grizzly

        I know I would. But come on, it's just an S4. How hard can you really flog a mid-level sport sedan?

        Plus, it's a lease in for nav system work. And "Senior Techs" are typically a cut above the average dealership mechanics. So as long as the dealership's insurance, or the technician's insurance, comes into play when necessary, I think the Renter is over-reacting, and this story is BS because it's playing to auto enthusiasts fears for a reaction.

          • 4 Months Ago *Edited*

          Would you be ok with the maintenance technician spending the weekend in your apartment when you're away and helping himself to your refrigerator? Is it ok because you don't have a mortgage on your apartment?

          Masked Avenger
          • 4 Months Ago

          its a lease...and that means you pay by the mile and the tech stole 320 miles from them

          • 4 Months Ago

          dumber than rocks. wow

          brandon s
          • 4 Months Ago

          I have to lease, or "rent," the S4 I'm in because I currently can't afford to buy one.  My nightly destruction of @Rochester's mother has diverted cash once earmarked for car ownership directly to a vaginoplasty surgeon's bank account.  Ah well.

          • 4 Months Ago

          When you lease you are paying for mileage. Yes I would be a bit peeved.

      • 4 Months Ago
      What a crock of dealer BS. The tech basically got caught joyriding. And, added 300+ miles on a lease vehicle. Someone's going to pay and it isn't the car owner.
      • 4 Months Ago

      I took my car to the dealer once and it was supposed to be fixed in 3 days. I called and it wasn't. Two weeks after the drop off I called again. They said it was done and that they forgot to call me. When I got my car, it was filthy, smelled like and ashtray and I found a french fry on the floor. Nobody ever smoked or ate in the car. I noticed my paperwork didn't have mileage on it, but theirs did. I am positive someone took the car on a road trip for several days.

      • 4 Months Ago

      This probably happens more than we would like to think.   I always take a pic of my odometer when I drop off my car.

        • 4 Months Ago

        I put a phosphorescent spray on everything in the car and then inspect everyone in the dealership with a black light when I pick it upso I know exactly who touched my car. I also force everyone in the dealership to submit to a lie detector.

        C'mon people, enough is enough!

      Aric Sharer
      • 4 Months Ago
      I wonder if JFK's golf clubs were in the trunk?
      • 4 Months Ago

      They should have gotten his approval prior to the extended road test, simple.

      • 4 Months Ago

      A big misunderstanding? Hell to the f*** no.

      • 4 Months Ago

      Just picked my car up from service today, and just like always when I dropped it off I told them repeatedly NO one is to drive the car any where for any reason.  And i record the mileage.  This is exactly the reason why.  They always look at me funny, and this time they thought the car was fixed, I drove 40min across town only to find out soon as I drove it wasn't, but I accept that as the cost of guaranteeing this doesn't happen.  And 300 miles in a weekend, seriously?!  They can make all the excuses they want but it is all complete bs.  That was a joyride.

      • 4 Months Ago

      Deserves to be fired, for sure.  Depending on his history, possibly even blacklisted.

      • 4 Months Ago

      Make it a young lot attendant who took the car home for the weekend, and you basically have a plot for an '80s teen movie.

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