BMW has had a line of HP – for High Performance – motorcycles for seven years, but they have all used the company's signature boxer engine layout. The new HP4, on the other hand, is a 1000-cc class bike using an evolution of the four-cylinder engine from the BMW S 1000 RR sport bike.

A homologation special, the configuration isn't the only first in the HP4's arsenal: it comes standard with an active, electrically-actuated Dynamic Damping Control, a torque-adjusting Launch Control system, and BMW claims its the lightest four-cylinder supersports bike in its class, with a dry weight of 169 kg (371.8 pounds) and 199kg (437.8 pounds) with a 90-percent full tank. Bits like the lightweight, forged wheels, titanium exhaust and lighter sprocket carrier and battery have helped shed the pounds.

The engine cranks out 193 horsepower and 82 foot-pounds, the same numbers as on the S 1000 RR. However, every bit of horsepower is available in all the traction control modes, torque response has been boosted from 6,000 rpm, and the torque delivery curve is smoother when the traction control is in Rain mode. Helping a rider keep it all under control are that Launch Control, a shift assistant for seamless gearchanges, an updated, four-mode Race ABS system, traction control that can be adjusted on the fly, and Brembo monoblock brake calipers.

There's a competition package offered to harden its edge further, and a passenger package if you need to go the other way, but with two. Price hasn't been divulged, but there's a press release below full of the kinds of details that let you know the HP4 won't be a bargain.
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27/07/12 -- With the BMW HP4, BMW Motorrad presents the lightest 4-cylinder supersports bike in the 1000cc class to date. Based on the BMW S 1000 RR - or RR for short - the new sports motorcycle has an output of 142 kW (193 hp) and weighs just 199 kilos including Race ABS and with a 90% full fuel tank (169 kg dry weight with Race ABS).

The new BMW HP4 sees its world premiere in 2012 and is a continuation of BMW Motorrad's HP model series founded in 2005. After the boxer models HP2 Enduro, HP2 Megamoto and HP2 Sport, the BMW HP4 is the first 4-cylinder motorcycle in the HP family.

The HP label stands for high performance, and the HP4 once again embodies outstanding agility, power and riding dynamics. But it also reflects the use of extremely high-quality materials and intelligent technology, carefully conceived down to the last detail. In short, the HP4 stands for perfectly controllable power and sporty perfection.

BMW High Performance motorcycles are truly outstanding: exclusive and authentic, they will always remain relatively rare. This applies equally to the new BMW HP4. Each motorcycle is issued with its own HP4 serial number which is engraved indelibly in the upper fork bridge.

A genuine highlight: due to its extensive range of fittings and excellent set-up, the new HP4 is immediately ready for use on the race track ex works, requiring no elaborate modifications. But at the same time it offers great potential for dynamic riding on country roads. Still, the HP4 is entirely uncompromising, combining athletic flair and riding dynamics at the very highest level - to an even greater extent than the S 1000 RR.

The new HP4 - exclusive performance based on the S 1000 RR.
Since its international press presentation in autumn 2009, the S 1000 RR has sped from one triumph to the next - and not just in motorcycle magazine comparative tests. This is clear evidence of the qualities and the consistency of the supersports concept. Fitted with Race ABS and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), the RR set a new benchmark in this hotly competed and technologically highly sophisticated segment. But even the S 1000 RR left some room for improvement.

Technical innovations for enhanced sports performance.
The HP4 provides the homologation basis for the use of BMW motorcycles in motorcycle racing, especially in the superbike and superstock category. The new model features numerous technological innovations which highlight its orientation towards racing and the race track. The standard passenger seat cover ensures the monoposto look so characteristic of the race track. But for riders who would like to travel with a passenger, BMW Motorrad also offers a passenger package as an ex works option. In addition to the passenger seat this includes the passenger footrest system.

Dynamic Damping Control DDC - a world first in serial motorcycles construction.
The new HP4 reflects its status as a high-performance motorcycle in terms of its suspension system with a world first for serial production motorcycles: it is fitted as standard with Dynamic Damping Control DDC. This system allows dynamic damping adaptation of the upside-down fork and spring strut to the specific situation on the road. The damping is adapted to the current manoeuvre or road surface by means of sensor-supplied parameters via electrically controlled regulation valves. In this way, the HP4 offers optimum damping in every situation, handling long and short shocks virtually perfectly so as to provide maximum traction and safety.

Higher performance brake system and Race ABS with IDM setting for maximum brake performance.
With the introduction of Race ABS in the S 1000 RR, BMW Motorrad underscored its pioneering role in the area of ABS. For the first time ever, an antilock brake system was consistently tailored to sporty needs.

With the new race-oriented HP4, BMW Motorrad now takes the next step in this area. In keeping with the HP4 use profile of race track and dynamic country road riding, the new bike not only has Brembo monoblock brake calipers and 9x floating brake discs at the front but also a further developed and refined Race ABS.

As before, this ABS has four different modes for wet surfaces ("Rain"), roads ("Sport"), race track with supersports tyres ("Race") and race track with slicks ("Slick"). Racing experience gained from the IDM (International German Motorcycle Championship) has been fed directly into the Race ABS fitted in the HP4. In "Slick" mode, the so-called IDM setting with refined regulation impulses now gives the skilled rider the option of maximum possible deceleration.

New 200/55 ZR 17 tyres on the rear wheel and finely adjustable Dynamic Traction Control in "Slick" mode.
The HP4 uses a rear tyre in the new format 200/55 ZR 17. The Dynamic Traction Control DTC already used in the RR has been optimized for supersports use in the HP4: now the effect of traction control can be adapted in "Slick" mode to changing conditions and the rider's individual preference while on the move.

Launch Control for perfect starts and shift assistant for optimum gearshifts.
The HP4 is the first BMW motorcycle to have a so-called Launch Control function which provides active support for the rider in "Slick" mode to achieve maximum acceleration from standing - for example on race starts. Launch Control limits engine torque so as to provide the maximum torque transferable from the rear wheel whenever the front wheel is under no throttle. This means the rider has to focus less on the throttle because he is controlling acceleration solely using the clutch. In addition, when Launch Control is activated engine torque is reduced as soon as the system detects front wheel lift. This prevents unwanted wheelies when accelerating.

The HP4 allows the rider to make instant gearshifts with virtually no interruption of tractive force by means of the shift assistant, fitted as standard. This helps gain valuable fractions of a second on the race track, too.

Weight reduction due to forged wheels, lighter sprocket carrier, titanium exhaust system and lighter battery.
New finely wrought 7-spoke wheels in forged light alloy and a new, lighter sprocket carrier give the HP4 a weight reduction of 2.4 kg as compared to the RR.

The exhaust system is made entirely of titanium and saves as much as 4.5 kilograms as compared to the RR, thereby contributing to the HP4's enhanced handling qualities. The new exhaust system has an interference pipe between cylinders two and three, a controlled acoustic valve and a closed-loop catalytic converter. It has been possible to optimise the torque curve thanks to the new exhaust system, with the engine application adapted accordingly.

Sharpened engine set-up and more torque in the mid-range.
The new HP4 is fitted with the water-cooled 4-cylinder in-line engine of the S 1000 RR with a peak output of 142 kW (193 hp) at 13,000 rpm and a maximum engine speed of 14,200 rpm. As in the RR, its maximum torque of 112 Nm goes on stream at 9,750 rpm. The torque has been perceptibly increased in the 6,000 rpm to 9,750 rpm range. In "Rain" mode there is now a smoother output and torque curve available between 2,500 rpm and 8,000 rpm.

Unlike the RR, the 4-cylinder in-line engine in the HP4 provides the full output of 142 kW (193 bhp) at 13,000 rpm in all modes - "Rain", "Sport", "Race" and "Slick" - with an identical throttle curve and thus the same response, making it perfect for use on the race track.

Supersports fittings for sporty riders.
The HP4 has numerous special features to meet the needs of sports and racing riders. For example, the instrument cluster not only has a newly designed dial face with HP4 inscription but also provides an extended range of information and functions. The information display now shows the DDC set-up menus as well as the figures for DTC fine adjustment and
Launch Control activation.

In visual terms, too, the new HP4 is consistently in line with supersports aspirations for the race track and for dynamic country road riding. In addition to the monoposto look there is a dual-section engine spoiler - elongated as compared to the RR - and a tinted windshield, both of which highlight the increased dynamic performance of the HP4. The small, light LED turn indicators are discreetly integrated and the laser-engraved HP4 logo with serial number on the upper fork bridge underscores the bike's exclusive character. An elaborate multiple colour paint finish in Racing blue metallic/Light white creates an appropriate racing-oriented appearance.

HP4 with Competition Package – top-level exclusive flair due to use of the very finest materials.
For anyone who wants even more than the functional sophistication and extreme riding dynamics of the HP4, the HP4 with Competition Package is an especially exclusive version of the motorcycle. Refined HP carbon parts including a long, closed HP engine spoiler in carbon, an adjustable HP rider footrest system, folding HP brake and clutch levers, wheels finished in
Racing blue metallic and a sponsor sticker kit provide additional enhancement of the new HP4.

A summary of the HP4 technical highlights:
- Fork bridge with engraved number and HP4 logo.
- Lightest 1000 supersports bike with four cylinders: 199 kg
- (90% DIN unladen weight).
- Innovative suspension with Dynamic Damping Control DDC.
- Race ABS with IDM setting.
- Dynamic Traction Control DTC with fine adjustment in "Slick" mode.
- Launch Control.
- Adapted wheelie detection.
- New rear wheel tyres, 200/55 ZR 17.
- Shift assistant as standard.
- Light titanium exhaust system with controlled acoustic valve and interference pipe.
- Forged light alloy wheels, anodised in black.
- Radial monoblock brake calipers by Brembo with special brake pads.
- 9x floating brake discs at front.
- Extended, dual-section engine spoiler.
- Seat in monoposto look with passenger seat cover.
- LED turn indicators.
- Tinted windshield.
- Lighter 7 Ah battery.
- Performance-oriented engine set-up.
- Increased torque in the medium engine speed range.

HP4 with Competition Package:
- Long, closed engine spoiler made of carbon.
- Sponsor sticker kit included.
- Wheels in Racing blue metallic.
- HP Carbon badge carrier.
- HP Carbon tank cover.
- HP brake lever, hinged.
- HP clutch lever, hinged.
- HP rider footrest system, adjustable.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 2 Years Ago
      Those numbers are truly mind-boggling for a consumer bike - to put that in perspective that's 180lbs less than the Hayabusa, with about the same power. And what's really impressive is how loaded with tech it is and still light. My first bike, a Honda CB550 had about 50hp. The most powerful bike I ever owned, a GPZ900 came in at about 115. I cannot even imagine what I'd do with almost 200 hp.
      john john
      • 2 Years Ago
      Ducman69 - you do realize the BMW comes with a full standard 2 yr warranty versus your cbr's 1 year. + lighter+ faster+ plus a whole lot cooler. I loved mine
      • 2 Years Ago
      193hp on a motorcycle is simply ridiculous.
        Jeffrey Coe
        • 2 Years Ago
        Yes, it can be, and this is a road version, that you can purchase. GP bikes are way more powerful, and lighter. Most are said to be 250 hp or more... I have ridden for a really long time, but couldn't hope to drive to the potential of that machine
      • 2 Years Ago
      One word "Devilish"
      • 2 Years Ago
      That is just a beautiful piece of machinery. Quite an engineering accomplishment in my eyes. Pushing the envelope for consumer bikes even further, with more safety and features than before too.
      • 2 Years Ago
      holy shhhh
      • 2 Years Ago
      I can tell from the comments that most of these posters are either motorcyclist nooblets, or know absolutely nothing about bikes. BMW is known as "**** tier" among hyperbikes, as they are generally overpriced, overweight, and underperforming with low reliability and very expensive and frequent service intervals. While this aims to buck the "fatty" trend, its sure to underperform compared to its Italian and Japanese rivals without fail.
        • 2 Years Ago
        I take it you haven't ridden the S1000RR.
          • 2 Years Ago
          And I'm sure you spent $15K for your Bimmer, and then you probably enjoyed your 300 mile first scheduled service right? Then another at 6000 miles, which does not exclude the additional mandatory service once a year to stay in warranty, and what needs servicing is at the discretion of the shop. BTW, ask me how much a bimmer valve service costs on average... cuz they need em at about 15K. Feeling like a sucker yet? Thanks but no thanks, I'll stick with a CBR if I were in that market and Honda's rock solid reliability, or the 1199 if I wanted real Ducati sex appeal (and btw they throw in service now for free). That said, Concours 14 is more my style.
          • 2 Years Ago
          Apparently he hasn't even heard of it.
          • 2 Years Ago
          $15 grand isn't a lot of money to spend for one of, if not the best liter bike built today. As far as servicing, I would rather have the best trained BMW techs work on my bike for a fee than have some baffoon at a bike shop do it. I also love how you bash the BMW for it's price then proceed to tell us you'd have the 1199 which is considerably more money. Gotta love the fanboys.
          • 2 Years Ago
          Yep Ducman, looks like you had lots of sxxt in your eyes for the last 8 years since BMW launched the K1200S. How come a 175 bhp sport tourer with electronic suspensions and abs is under performing and for the fatties? I've got the k1200gt, a tourer with 155 bhp. It has big boxes, abs, heated seats but take the boxes away and you've got a bike that does 0-60 in 3,5 sec to have fun on twisty roads or even race track! Yep I've been on track and kicked arses with it! 2 year ago I became the proud owner of a s1000rr. 193 bhp stock, tuned to 220 bhp (202 at the rear wheel measured on the dyno). On the drag strip, I got 0-141mph in 10.8 sec...not bad for a fatty! 1st service was at 600 miles...oh, that one was free. 6000 miles service for about £200. After 6000 miles of hard riding on roads and tracks, it's not much. Is so much power usable on the road? Yes it is, asses the risk and go for it when it's safe to do so. Am I a hooligan? Nope, actually an advanced rider with 20'ish years of riding experience training on track with ex-WSBK champions - Yes Ducman, not just car peeps here! Regarding reliability, like anything, BMW are't bullet proof but others aren't. 2 of my mates almost got killed by their bikes catching fire, not BMW but Honda CBR1000 and Duke 1100 supermoto... BMW are a bit more expensive but you get more for your money and at the end the resale price is higher so not as bad as you think....
      • 2 Years Ago
      Should read: OFFICIAL: BMW HP4 exists to warp time, space, feces.
      Ian D.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Damn, I want it!
      Daniel Garay
      • 2 Years Ago
      strangest looking "auto" i have ever seen.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Not a big built bike fan, but I would buy this one. Power (193) / weight (371) = hella fun time (1.92:1).
      • 2 Years Ago
      Motorcycle shill blog
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