• Dec 3, 2010
Race-Star ConverTTable is our kind of furniture – Click above to watch video after the jump

A driving wheel sounds like a nice addition for any racing video game, but in reality it might not work as well as you hope. You have to find a place to mount the wheel and a make sure your pedals aren't sliding around the floor. It's not that much of a hassle, but a dedicated space for both wheel and pedals would be nice... throw in a racing seat and the virtual-racing ante has officially been upped.

But where would you store something like that and how do you craft it so as not to be a total eye-sore? Austrian company Race-Star has the answer and it comes in the form of the ConverTTable.

What appears to be a fairly basic box table actually hides a special gaming secret. The ConverTTable unfolds to reveal a driving wheel, adjustable pedals and a track mounted racing bucket. You can slide it in front of your TV and the Nürburgring on Gran Turismo 5 goes from a controller-hucking experience to a carousel-shredding event. When it's time to shut down the fun, simply fold the table back up and it turns right back into drink-holding furniture.

The price for a Race-Star ConverTTable setup is listed at €4,999, which translates to about $6,605 USD. That is a lot of coin for something you might be able to engineer in your garage. Can you produce the same level of fit-and-finish as Race-Star has achieved? Probably not, unless you are used to working with high-quality plastics. Regardless of the price, the Race-Star ConverTTable has earned its place on our Autoblog Holiday Wish List.

Hop the jump to see it in action.

[Source: Race-Star]

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