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After a three-way jump-off between Robbie Maddison, Ryan Capes and Seth Enslow at Calder Park on March 28 in Melbourne, Australia, a new world record for the longest distance jump from ramp to ramp on a motorcycle was set at over 351 feet by Robbie Maddison. In fact, the record was beaten twice that night, with Ryan Capes briefly holding the record at 324 feet, which was two feet more than Maddison's previous record.

In other news, five other world records were set that same night:
  • Longest backflip ramp to ramp: Cameron Sinclair, existing record: 125-feet; new world record: 129 feet and 7 inches
  • Longest mini bike distance jump: Brent Brady broke the world record with a jump of 104 feet and 7 inches
  • Longest distance jump ramp to ramp by a quad motorcycle: John Guetter, existing record: 148.9 feet; the new record: 176 feet 11 inches
  • Most swords swallowed: Chayne Hultgren, existing record: 14; new world record: 17
  • Heaviest weight lifted while swallowing a sword: Cheyne Hultgren, existing record: 20.1kg; new world record: 22.4kg
Judging by the records that were broken in one night, we think the world is begging for a new category. How about longest distance jump on a motorcycle while swallowing a sword. Any takers?

Watch a video of both long distance motorcycle record jumps after the break!

[Source: Crusty.com]

[Sources: Crusty Demons and Motorcycle News]

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      basura blanca..
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      I jumped up five steps once! Where's my trophy! :) I also fell down a flight of stairs, walked on, went on vacation on, ran on (while brother was knocking on hotel doors as we walked because he knew I could run) on a dislocated hip. For three months! Award? Please?

      Note: No one believed the injury was real. Finally got to go to the doctor, first one said I was fine and a second overheard him and said "Um, his hip is dislocated" LOL Two surgeries later!

      Oh and when I got out of surgery the first time, my mom greeted me with "Awww, you're awake, how do you feel"....as she sat on the side of the bed AND my hip!

      All true! :)
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      Hey they have a good idea there, maybe the first and last attempt at the longest jump while swallowing a sword will put an end to all of this?
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      what's with all the spam... jeeze
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      c'mon autoblog
      this isnt what we come here to see
      we want AUTO news
      not this lame crap
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      I wonder what it's like to have a death wish.
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      This is amazing....WOW
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      It's amazing how not interesting that is.
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        I'm with Ekow. I'm not 12 any more, this stuff is just stupid.
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        Yeah, nothing bores me quite as much as absurdly huge jumps in front of a packed stadium of people, peppered with some girls in bikinis and pyrotechnics.