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With a strong OEM presence at SEMA, automakers are forced to bring The Badass to the masses. Toyota has apparently been overrun with requests from customers for some form of diesel motivation in its Tundra pickup and the automaker has responded... sort of... with the Tundra Dually Diesel. Toyota utilized two Tundra CrewMax pickups that were joined at the hip to lengthen the frame and add an additional foot to the bed. Although the majority of the Tundra Dually Diesel is bespoke show material, the drivetrain has been pulled straight from a Hino medium duty truck, with the only exception being a custom split driveshaft.

The crown jewel of the Dually is a JO8E 8.0-liter inline six turbodiesel, making around 300 HP and 600 lb.-ft. of torque. Shoehorning that kind of mill into the tight confines of the Tundra proved to be a challenge. The body had to be lifted off the frame by three inches and after some hacking and chopping of the firewall, they were finally able to fit the 1,500 pound engine into the bay. Between fitting the oil burner into the snout and mating it to a five-speed Allison tranny, the interior accoutrements have suffered – the HVAC controls are nonfunctional and the massive stick is there to provide additional leverage when shifting gears.

Mike Levine has a great write up covering all the details of the Tundra Dually Diesel, which is worth a read. And even though this mutha' runs, don't expect a production version to make it to dealers any time soon.

We've added Toyota's press release after the jump.


Toyota Tundra Diesel Dually Project Truck
"Road Warrior" exterior combined with luxury Interior

Making a bold and adventurous statement about the contrasts between rugged "Road Warrior" performance and opulent luxury, a Toyota Tundra CrewMax diesel dually project truck made its debut at the 2007 SEMA Show.

At its core, the Tundra light duty pickup's stock engine was replaced with a medium duty diesel powerplant plucked from a 35,000-pound commercial truck. The 8.0-liter inline six-cylinder high-torque engine, made by Toyota affiliate Hino, is mated with an Eaton five-speed manual transmission and a Hino back end. Toyota Motorsports Technical Group heavily modified the Tundra to accommodate the beefed-up driveline.

A host of custom exterior treatments point to the off-the-charts muscle under the hood. Prominent examples include forged aluminum alloy 22.5-inch wheels custom made by Alcoa, a diamond plate-lined bed, a charcoal gray metallic flat paint finish and a fifth-wheel hitch rated at 24,000 pounds.

The muscular theme on the outside shifts dramatically to that of luxury on the inside with hand-sewn ginger leather seats, suede pillars and headliner and dual rear captain's chairs with individual DVD entertainment systems.


Engineering by Motorsports Technical Group
Interior by Fast Ed's Interiors
Paint by Focus on Cars
Wheels by Alcoa
Power steps and fuel door by Amp Research
Sound system by Kenwood
Sound installation by Beach Auto Sound
Lighting by PIAA
Exhaust by Magnaflow
5th wheel hitch by Reese


CAB TYPE CrewMax, 6'5" Bed on lengthened frame
ENGINE Hino JO8E-TB Medium Duty 6 cylinder Turbo Diesel (intended for 35K lb truck)
DRIVETRAIN Eaton 5 speed manual transmission (medium duty application)
Hino Medium Duty rear end with Meritor Axles
Alcoa 22.5X9 Dually rear wheels and Floatation wheel fronts

EXTERIOR (Focus on Cars, Toyota Motorsports Technical Group)
Color Matte Charcoal Metallic
Trim (Theme) Satin Brushed Nickel
Grille Surround Brushed Metal
Bed Raw diamond plate lined
Wheels 22.5" Alcoa 10 hand hole forged alloy wheels
Tires Michelin Energy 295/60/22.5
Suspension Custom dual front struts with Bilstein dampers, Deaver spring pack in rear
Fascia Restyled front bumper insert
Diamond Plate Rear Bumper
Lighting PIAA P4000 Quattro cab lights, LED clearance lights on side and rear

INTERIOR (Fast Ed's Interiors)
Color Ginger soft touch leather with french stitching and perforated inserts
Dash Brished satin aluminum dash panel
Shift Knob Ginger leather wrap
Steering Wheel Ginger leather wrap
Seats Rear bench seat converted to two power captain's chairs and console
Headliner Taupe ultrasuede
Knobs Satin Brushed Nickel HVAC knobs
Door panels Fully leather wrapped in Ginger with french stitching and perforated inserts
Door Handles Satin Brushed Nickel
Door Sills Satin Brushed Nickel
Sound System Kenwood touch panel with full Kenwood sound system
Features Navigation, dual rear seat entertainment

Reese Signature Series 24K hitch
AMP Research electrically retractable step boards
AMP research billet fuel filler door
Magnaflow 4.5" Polished stainless steel exhaust

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 3 Months Ago

      I want to get this car, how i do, your contact please 

      • 7 Years Ago
      toyota needs to stick to their little cars, they are trying way to hard to be american...and why would they??? just like any other business they are trying to make money but seriously trying to get into the truck crowd is the wrong idea, i use to like toyota but now everytime i see a new toyota truck i wish i had a rocket launcher!
        • 7 Years Ago
        Interesting philosophy John. Should the "big tree" stop making cars?
      • 7 Years Ago
      It's about time! I own one of the last Toyota turbo Diesel pickups sold here in the USA in '85. Good work! I will be in line to buy one, IF they actually go to production.

      • 7 Years Ago
      Yes the engine is that heavy. If you read the post the engine is from a 35000 pound truck. That is a like a 24' box delivery truck or larger. Tanooki, if you like the idea of an inline 6 turbo diesel, Dodge has had them for years.

      The Hino is either a Light Medium(14,000lb) or Medium (35,000lb). I know this type of Truck is not that common in the US, unlike here in Australia. We have HD Pickups, but we have plenty of the above.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Allison != Eaton.

      The write-up states that the truck uses an Allison 5 speed (automatic), but the specs indicate that it uses an Eaton five speed manual.

      While it might whisper blasphemy to have an Allison in a Toyota, it would have made the truck cooler.
      • 7 Years Ago
      If they make this, hopefully it's better executed than their gasoline version. But I will say it's got the right look, just based on that you get the feeling of it being a big, bad, bruiser.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I think they got tired of having Chevy lug their trailer around
        • 7 Years Ago
        The front has a ladder built-in. LoL.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Just give me the paint job option for my Yaris RS, Toyota can't keep the truck to themselveves.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Yes the engine is that heavy. If you read the post the engine is from a 35000 pound truck. That is a like a 24' box delivery truck or larger. Tanooki, if you like the idea of an inline 6 turbo diesel, Dodge has had them for years.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Haul your Prius with it!
      • 7 Years Ago
      Why? What a waste of time, effort, materials, ... everything. Toyota is not longer an import company, they're just another American OMG-MY-DICK-IS-BIGGER company.

      Hope they burn.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Yea, because filling a huge gap in their offering is nothing but dick waving.

        Face it, while some people drive big trucks because they've got a thimble in their pants, others actually have uses for these things. For the most part dually diesels are not driven by the "bling" crowd, they're actually worked most if not every single day from the time they're bought until they hit the scrapyard.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Wait the Dodge BFT second,i forgot about the bft.
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