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The question of the day is, "If you're tasked with teaching a three-time Formula One champ to drive, what's the curriculum?" Some instructor in Brazil will be forced to answer that very query when he gets Nelson Piquet behind the wheel for a refresher on the rules of the road.
Piquet, who's racked up quite a collection of speeding offenses and parking tickets, is being forced by a Brazilian judge to go back to school for 30 hours over the course of eight days, after which he'll be required to re-take the driving test.

The 54-year old F1 wiz seemed rather jovial when asked to comment on the matter, simply saying that, "I think we have to pay for our mistakes." We're more than interested to see how it turns out, and we'd expect his instructor to come away with a host of intriguing stories and maybe a few new skills of his own.

[Source: Yahoo! News]

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      I can imagine it now: Pulling back into the parking lot at the end of the test, pulls the ebrake putting the car into a 180 drift and parks the car on its marks in the parking stall then says "if you can do what i just did in less than 10 tries, i'll pass you as my instructor"
      • 7 Years Ago
      Ahuahuahuahuahua.... My name is MJ and i´m from Brazil.
      Here in Brazil you lose your drivers license when you reach 20 points on your record. Piquet has 128 points on his license !!! But he said to the local tv news that he has only 29 points... Anyway, he is now forced to go back to school.
      • 7 Years Ago
      "racked up quite a collection of speeding offenses and parking tickets"
      Looks like he just doesn't care and feels he is above the law at the moment of the infractions. He just needs to fix his bad habbits or just have someone else drive for him after he gets his licence back.
      • 7 Years Ago
      All fun and games, but idiots like this are the reason for accidents. Yes he has enormous amounts of driving skill and when he's on track he's surrounded by the same.

      As soon as he hits the streets there are other less skilled and panicy drivers and pedestrians of all ages who can get injured by this pompus ass.

      It would be comical to see him get "instructed" on street driving saftey though.