• Jul 26th 2007 at 6:48PM
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In our rush to get the Mid-Ohio post completed, we forgot about one of the biggest news items to come out of the weekend. One of the ALMS GT2 drivers was actually let go, as in fired, during the race. About 45 minutes into the 2-hour, 45-minute race, Petersen Motorsports/White Lightning Racing driver Tomas Enge got into it with another car on track, and was penalized by IMSA. Already on probation for some other vehicular altercations, Enge was called in by his team and told his services would no longer be needed. Or something to that effect, we're sure.

The team is the two-time defending GT2 champions and want to make it three in a row. They used teammate Dirk Müller to bring the damaged Ferrari F430 GT home in the top five and will find a new number two driver by Road Atlanta if all goes as planned. While a dramatic end to his stint with the team, we're sure Enge will end up in the cockpit with another team soon enough.

Thanks for the reminder, Eric! Check out Eric's gallery of high-res shots from the racing action last weekend at Mid-Ohio by clicking the thumbs below.

[Source: The Race Site]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      0-62? I think, to be accurate, you properly meant 0-100 km/h. If the performance runs are done in metric, stick to metric. If they're done in US/English units, quote them instead. Just be consistent. But what a hell of a car!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Enge got hosed.

      Recap: Two weekends ago Enge wiped out the entire GT2 field at Lime Rock (essentially)

      Last weekend Enge taps Salo is a racing insident cause by Salo slowing suddenly due to the presence of an LMP2 car passing the slower GT2 cars. Salo only slightly off pace and with a tire rubbing bodywork punts Enge. Salo 2 minute penalty, Enge 5 minute penalty.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Enge has been causing incidents all season. Him wiping out the entire field of Ferraris (not all of GT2) two weeks ago topping it. If I recall correctly, that was even his 2nd incident of the race weekend.

      Enge is a good driver, it's surprising to me he couldn't control himself enough to stay in ALMS.

      I missed last weekend's race. Every time ALMS puts a race on CBS, there's a good chance I'll miss it. I just never remember to look at the listings on CBS.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I would have smashed the car into a wall hard enough to cause some minor damage as a sort of f-you salute.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Salo has since admitted that he caused the accident, so Enge wasn't really at fault anyway. Doh!

      Enge will find another drive. He's got talent, even if he's a little agressive