• Jan 16th 2007 at 7:08AM
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There have been some minor rumblings, as of late, about Subaru's future offerings, including information about the Impreza WRX and its STI variant. The new Impreza will likely debut in New York this April, with sales beginning in August of this year, while the STI will probably bow in Frankfurt, and go on sale in early 2008.
The other rumor making the rounds is that the Legacy wagon will no longer be available starting in 2008, however the Outback wagon will still be around for those of you who prefer its higher ground clearance and off-road cred.

Also coming to NY will be the '08 Tribeca, complete with 3.6-liter H6 and a revised look (thank God). Sales of the new Tribeca are rumored to begin in June.

Considering that Subaru's appearance in Detroit was kind of a let down, we're looking forward to seeing more compelling product coming down the pike.

[Sources: Straightline, Karl on Cars]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      LGT wagon is history. Its been confirmed.

      • 8 Years Ago
      They can and, they evidently have.

      I agree, they are great cars. I have one, albeit a Legacy GT sedan.

      I can see dropping the Outback Sedan for the Legacy 3.0R Limited. A raised-ride height sedan is perhaps a tougher sell.

      But the only problems I've seen with the Legacy wagon is the lack of stock, and the lack of marketing. Nobody knows what my car is. Even an Impreza driver in the next parking space this morning didn't know my Legacy was a Subaru.

      Here's hoping the 3.0R Legacy becomes the 3.6R Legacy, the low-height wagon comes back, and the Legacy STI arrives with some really serious sporting hardware.

      But I am not sure that is going to happen. They pin too much of their attention on the Outback and WRX, and are trying too hard with the Tribeca. The Baja was never fully commited to, and now that it is gone, the Legacy has become the red-headed step child.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I can't believe that Subaru is dropping the Legacy Wagon, Subaru built the company onthe backs of their basic wagons and the Legacy wagon is nearly legendary here in the northeast.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I drive a previous generation Legacy Wagon and was planning on getting a new one in a few years, so I'm disappointed to hear I'll be forced to either move 'up' into an Outback, or more likely buy a CAR from Volvo or Audi. I'm not interesting in looking like someone who thinks their cross-over/SUV/truck makes them look like someone who pretends to have an active lifestyle sitting in a Costco parking lot. I want a lower centre of gravity wagon that I can put my family and bikes in, or my windsurfer on top, and pass on the plasticy bling.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "and a revised look (thank God)"

      Does this means you like the bland styling that Japanese brands have made their own for decades now? The Tribeca looks great to me, like the SUV Alfa Romeo would design.
      • 8 Years Ago
      re: #6, "like the SUV Alfa Romeo would design"... well, since it was styled under the designer who penned Alfa's recent look, that shouldn't be a big surprise. I'd hope Alfa would bring the whole shape together a little better than the awkward Tribeca does, though.

      I'm saddened by Subaru's choice to drop the Legacy Wagon. I don't want an SUV (real or pretend like the Outback) so I guess my Legacy GT Wagon is my last Subaru. The Impreza wagon is a little small, and my partner has one already. I guess it'll be an A4 Avant or 3-series Touring next time around, unless something else interesting shows up in the next few years.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I'll repeat a rumor i heard while at a subaru dealer... I heard a couple different folks there talking about a Legacy STi, complete with a turbo flat 6... that could be a burner!

      • 8 Years Ago
      come one subaru, a 2 door coupe or hatch impreza. show everyone else up and make another 2.5rs but this time with some power.

      or a not ugly tribeca
      • 8 Years Ago
      I don't know why everyone is beating up the Tribeca B9, although I agree that its not your typical looking SUV, I think it really deserves alot more credit than people seem to give it...

      Actually, recently I had a chance to do my own "unofficial" poll of my Tribeca when we pulled up to an outdoors family gathering. The feedback I got was interesting in that is was fairly consistent among the age divisions: It seemed that the over 50 crowd didnt care for it too much commenting on the "radical" styling. The 30 - 50 crowd seemed to like it for the most part, some actually solicited a test drive. The under 30 crowd could care less about it (not on their radar), although two people agreed that when looking at the front it sort of looking like the Porshe SUV...

      Just though that was interesting so I figured I'd share...

      BTW, although its easy to get caught up in options for this car, I got mine for under 30, no nav or 7th row, but otherwise loaded...
      • 8 Years Ago
      Until recently, the Legacy wagon was always the poor man's Outback and the Outback sedan was always a bit of a mongrel (read: AMC Eagle). Neither were overly successful when compared to their counterparts. The Legacy always sold better as a sedan and the Outback, better as a wagon. The current Legacy Wagon is, by far, the most appealing non-Outback wagon that Subaru has sold but I think, in their own way, they each kind of strays from what appeals to buyers of each "brand" (Outback brand vs. Legacy brand).

      Even Volvo and Audi saw the limitations to the "rugged" image in marketing their cars. Consider that both the Volvo XC70 and Audi Allroad were wagons without sedan alternatives.

      With crossovers becoming more popular, I could see more pumped up versions of the sedans (maybe as hatcbacks...see XC60) becoming successful. But, in their current state, there is nothing overwhelmingly appealing about the Outback sedan (in particular) to reign in sales from the Legacy. Maybe reincarnated as a CUV, but I just don't see it in its current state.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I really can't wait to see the new Impreza WRX. I'm thinking of buying one, provided that they look decent, and the fuel economy improves slightly due to lighter weight and so forth. I'm actually rather pissed that only one spy shot has cropped up, and it was so heavily disguised that one couldn't get an idea for what it looks like. Ahh well, I will continue saving my money in the hope that they give birth to a winner.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I can understand Subaru's decision on the LGT wagon. The market for station wagons is just not that big here in the States - heck BMW won't even release a M5 station wagon here as well. The fact that Subaru has a "similar" offering in the Outback just makes that decision easier ("want a Legacy wagon? Get an Outback")...

      It's unfortunate, but I can see the business reasoning behind this.

      Subaru needs to beef up their Legacy line if they want to be serious about competing in the sporty lux category. And bring out that Legacy STI already!!!
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