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The idea of a four-door sedan that shelters a sports car within its mechanical soul has always been appealing to us, and the Nissan Maxima was the original 4-Door Sports Car. Lately, however, the Maxima is a adrift within a lineup that doesn't need it thanks to the more than competent Altima and the real four-door sports sedan from Japan, the rear-wheel drive Infiniti G35. Nevertheless, people like Flickr member Ca3ey still believe in the Maxima, and this 2002 Maxima GLE has a healthy list of mods that's turned the original 4DSC into something a bit more menacing.

What we particularly like about this tuned Maxima is the lack of traditional tuner flair in favor of a monochromatic color palette and a host of handling upgrades. You see the, the VQ V6 underhood (a VIS Racing carbon fiber hood, in this case) has a decent amount of power for a front-wheel driver; any more ponies in the corral would only worsen torque steer. So dropping the ride height with TEIN S-tech lowering springs, firming up the ride with Tokico adjustable shocks and dropping in a rear sway bar struck us as the right areas of improvement. The Maxima's cosmetic upgrades are also to our liking, as they're aggressive enough to ward off the Soccer Dad who thinks his Camry has what it takes but subtle enough not to draw unwanted attention to itself.

Check out the full list of mods for Ca3ey's 2002 Maxima GLE after the jump along with more pics.

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2002 Nissan Mazima GLE mod list
  • MaxxTuning front lip
  • Stillen sides/rear lip
  • 19" Axis Hiros
  • VIS Racing carbon fiber hood
  • Ionic Dynamics carbon fiber trunk
  • Left Coast Tuning carbon fiber eyelids
  • Custom smoked headlights, with smoked signal and parking lights
  • Smoked corner lights
  • Tein S-Tech lowering springs/Tokico Illumina adjustable shocks
  • Berk Technologies intake
  • Cattman Y-pipe, cat-back, and titanium strut bar
  • Progress rear sway bar
  • Eclipse navi/dvd head unit
  • ARC Audio component set/5 channel amplifier
  • Rainbow speakers
  • Alumapro bandpass box

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      I kinda like it. Okay, I'm a little partial because I own a 2002 Maxima as well. But, it is subtle and stylish. Kinda cool.

      I think people are missing the point of the RR of the Day. You're not going to get gullwing SL's everyday. Just real people and their cars.

      I like it.
      • 8 Years Ago
      19 Audi most unreliable ?????
      • 8 Years Ago
      i like any tuned car that wont draw the ire of the crazed VW engineer (time to unpimp ze ahtow). nice job. i always liked this iteration of the maxima most.
      • 8 Years Ago
      It doesn't matter.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I still don't get the resistance to BMW's iDrive. My first exposure to it was on my 2002 745i and I loved it! By the end of the first day of ownership I had no problem navigating through all the screens and found that I had no trouble keeping my eyes on the road while I made inputs and adjustments. I've since had it on a 2003 745i, 2005 745i, 2006 X5, and am currently waiting for a 550i that will have iDrive too. What would you rather have 700 little buttons scattered about the dashboard so you could search through them while you were eating your jelly donut, shaving, and talking on your cell phone as you drive down the highway ;-D
      • 8 Years Ago
      Typical rice-bashing followed by criticism of iDrive. Sigh... Internets, you're nothing if not dependable.

      Anyway, I like the variety of vehicles we see on the RR of the day. If it was the same kind of vehicle every day, I wouldn't care.

      Back on topic, I love the wheels on this Maxima!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Rereading my last comment, i was pretty critical. I DO think that this car LOOKS great. I just don't like that its trying to act fast, and everyone's treating it like it is. Maxima's were very fast cars for their segment, and definitely pack a punch. But this car has about 10 visual mods to every one of its speed-inducing mods, which consist of intake and exhaust.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Most of you who talk about Bmw, mercedes audi have never owned one because you can't aford a new one. Audi's are the most unreliable cars on the market with Benz close. Bmw is decent w/o Idrive.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I've owned two Maximas, a 91 and 00, so I admit my own bias. That having been said, they are excellent cars capable of hauling a driver and four drunk adult friends in safety and comfort, with some serious speed to boot. My 00 was a 5-speed and would make the jump to 60 in 6.8, which isn't bad for a sedan that weighed nearly 3800lbs and had more rear legroom than most minivans. It came at the cost useful trunk space, but it was a great car to have. And it never, ever, ever broke down.

      I also agree that the Maxima has been out-designed by both the Altima and G35, but in its day, it was the best performance sedan that was available to the masses - BMW, Audi, and Mercedes being far to expensive when compared to the $20,000ish MSRP for my 91, and the Taurus, Accord, and Camry struggling to be considered "Most Vanilla."

      This one is not my taste, but it definintely doesn't deserve the beating it's taking on this forum.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Jeez, I forgot that everyone on autoblog drives a Ferrari Enzo. I really don't get a lot of you, the Maxima stock was already a quick car. If he feels it is fast enough for him why does he need a ton of performance mods on his car? To please you and meet your criteria?

      Anyway I think the Maxima looks very clean and tastefully aggressive, very nice.
      • 8 Years Ago
      The comment by the inbred hick with the Buick Regal is quite comical I must say…lol. Your supercharged Regal still can’t make as much power as the N/A car in question, and you’re hoping some Rims on the Maxima are going to give you the edge. Before spewing utter verbal diarrhea out of your mouth, do some research to come to the conclusion that the Rims you’re speaking of are a scratch heavier than the stock rims on the Maxima, if that, and the exhaust mod on the Maxima is more than enough to make up for the lost performance. ;) So just get back in your peanut car and go home and do more reading, god forbid you might learn something ;)
      • 8 Years Ago
      "what fine piece of equipment do you drive?"

      NO iDrive!
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