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The Vuhl 05, 05 ROC and 05RR get official in the U.S.

Entry-level 05 starts at $112,00, hardcore 400-hp 05RR goes for $147,500

Mexican review proves VUHL 05 track car exists

This video review from Mexico proves that the VUHL 05 track car envisioned by the Echeverria brothers actually does exist, two years after we first saw it.

VŪHL says it has enough orders to put 05 roadster into production [w/video]

If we had a nickel for every independent sportscar project started by people we'd never heard of and that never came to fruition, well... we might actually have enough money to put one of them into production. But every once in a while we end up pleasantly surprised. And we just might be by the VŪHL 05.

VŪHL 05 mid-engine two-seater powered by Ford EcoBoost announced

This past spring we reported on the first rumblings of a new, small performance car company starting up in Mexico, called VŪHL (which stands for "Vehicles of Ultra-lightweight and High-performance). Development of the company's first product, the VŪHL 05 seems to be moving along nicely – we now have some images, specs and pricing information from the freshly minted automaker.

Mexico set to get second automaker, and it's a sports car company, too

With Mastretta and its home-cooked MXT-R already softening the beachhead for Mexican-made sports cars, a new company called VŪHL – an acronym that stands for "Vehicles of Ultra-lightweight and High-performance"­ – is coming to the scene.