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The first video below the fold is Mazda's Director of Design, Franz von Holzhausen talking about the Furai concept at the Detroit Auto Show. The Furai is a racing concept that runs on E100 (100 percent ethanol) and the car's design is inspired by the wind. The video includes a look at a really cool pop-up wing in the middle of the Furai.

During the Detroit Auto Show, a Ford press liaison invited AutoblogGreen and around a dozen other journalists to an on-the-record dinner to talk about sustainability and related topics. As a guy who writes for AutoblogGreen, I couldn't help but notice that every single person around the dinner table had been at Cobo Hall during the day. The first day's schedule of jam-packed press events ended at around 6:30 at the show in downtown, and the dinner started at 7:30 on Southfield, which is 20+ mile

Back in October, Mercedes-Benz made something of a splash in California when they re-introduced the E320 to the California market. It was the first new diesel available in the state in over two years. However, it now appears that the E320 BlueTec is not actually technically legal in California or four other states that use the same emissions regulations. The current E320 BlueTec is not equipped with the urea injection system meaning it does not meet California regs. Mercedes received a waiver fr

Yesterday we told you about what looked liked an early press release about the Dodge Ram Hemi hybrid. MSN Autos has great videos from the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, including this video which confirms the news that the Dodge Ram (as you can see in the screen grab above) will be made into a hybrid in 2010.

GM-Volt.com is at the Detroit Auto Show and they write that Bob Lutz says a drivable Chevy Volt "looks more like June" and not Easter as had Bob promised. You might recall the post where Bob was quoted saying this:

Click the Verve for a gallery of high-res shots from the reveal

Aston Martin is not a brand that's ever been associated with fuel efficiency or alternative fuels. However, at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham England next week, they will unveil their latest race car based on their "entry level" Vantage model. The GT2 class Vantage will come delivered ready to run on E85. More racing series are starting to allow the use of ethanol as an alternative to gasoline. All the non-diesel cars in the American Le Mans Series ran E10 in 2007 and several of

We've seen the first batch of pictures with the preview, the video and now we can go on A-Bat overload. Toyota has just released a slew of pictures of the A-Bat hybrid truck concept that will be on the stand at the Detroit Auto Show in the very near future. The bed of the unique-looking A-Bat can be extended from four to eight feet, but the part we like is the Hybrid Synergy Drive with a four-cylinder gas engine. We'll know more about the powertrain when we get to Detroit. For now, these 59 imag

As our colleagues from Autoblog have just published, Land Rover has a smaller and more compact concept vehicle, the LRX. While the vehicle should have remained a secret until a big unveil in Detroit next month, you can see it now thanks to German enthusiast mag Auto Motor und Sport.

One of Ford's most important debuts at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show is the new 2009 F-150. While Ford doesn't have a gas-electric hybrid system suitable for big trucks like GM's Two-Mode system, they will have offer some technology to improve fuel economy and emissions. Back in 2002 at the Detroit Show, Ford showed a concept called the F-350 Tonka. The Tonka truck featured a technology called hydraulic-launch-assist (HLA) which will debut on the new F-150.

GM product chief Robert Lutz unveils the Chevy Volt EV concept. Click on the image for a gallery of high-res shots including the interior

September 2008 Update: To see the production version of the Volt, click here.