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Cool videos of Mazda's Furai, the ethanol-fueled racing car concept

The first video below the fold is Mazda's Director of Design, Franz von Holzhausen talking about the Furai concept at the Detroit Auto Show. The Furai is a racing concept that runs on E100 (100 percent ethanol) and the car's design is inspired by the wind. The video includes a look at a really cool pop-up wing in the middle of the Furai.

2008 Detroit: videos of the Dodge Ram Hemi hybrid, Chevy Volt, E85 Coupe

Yesterday we told you about what looked liked an early press release about the Dodge Ram Hemi hybrid. MSN Autos has great videos from the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, including this video which confirms the ne

Bob Lutz has egg on his face: drivable Volt in June

GM-Volt.com is at the Detroit Auto Show and they write that Bob Lutz says a drivable Chevy Volt "looks more like June" and not Easter as had Bob promised. You might recall the post where Bob was q

Detroit Auto Show: Live Reveal of the Chevy Volt EV

GM product chief Robert Lutz unveils the Chevy Volt EV concept. Click on the image for a gallery of high-res shots including the interior

Detroit Auto Show: It's here. GM's plug-in hybrid is the Chevy Volt Concept

September 2008 Update: To see the production version of the Volt, click here.

Detroit Auto Show: General Motors' E-Flex platform

In conjunction with the Detroit Auto Show introduction of the Chevrolet Volt concept, General Motors is also unveiling an entirely new vehicle architecture that they've dubbed "E-Flex". As the name implies E-Flex is a platform for electrically driven vehicles. The key to this platform, though, is the inherent flexibility they've designed in. During the presentation of E-Flex Beth Lowery, GM Vice-President Energy and Environment talked about the future of energy supplies. GM sees diversity as one