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6 great car vacuums | Autoblog's favorites

Keep your interior dirt-free

Keep your interior dirt-free.

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Ford comes up with a smart jacket for cyclists

Prototype jacket features turn indicators and brake lights

Ford's smart jacket aims to solve a number of safety issues related to commuting on a bicycle.

Miami man trades traffic, rat race for a stand-up paddleboard

SUP, man? Sweet ride

Who hasn't dreamed of scrapping the rat race for a simpler way of life where you're not beholden to a job at a desk in a cubicle and spending hours each day stuck in soul-killing traffic? Well, here's a 39-year-old guy who walked the talk.

Searching for happiness? It's not in your right foot

Much of the data supporting an autonomous future is based on studies of today's transportation models.

Ten Sports Cars That Double as Good Daily Drivers

We all dream of owning a sports car, but life gets in the way.

Milan considers paying people to bike to work

The Italian city wonders if cash incentives can curb pollution.

Will cash incentives be enough to convince Milan commuters to bike to work?

Norway now wants to turn oil profits into bicycle highways

Norway's plan is ambitious and expensive.

Norway is planning to build 10 bicycle 'super cycleways' that will serve nine cities. They will cost nearly $1 billion.

The Best Used Cars to Buy for Short Commutes

If you’re lucky enough to have a short commute to work, then you need to consider different factors when buying a used car than someone with a lengthier drive (or more time stuck in traffic).

The Best Used Cars to Buy for Long Commutes

Most of us are faced with the prospect of commuting back and forth to work on a daily basis, but some have a much longer drive than others.

5 Essential Things to Know to Be a Better Commuter

We all know that being a commuter has its challenges – especially if you live in an area where traffic is usually a nightmare during non-rush hour times.

Portuguese government suggests employees start pedaling

Portugal says that government employees should thing about biking to work, and will put in infrastructure to make that easier.

Bike Lanes May Actually Reduce Commute Times

Everyone sees the benefits of protected bike lanes

Since 2007, America's biggest and busiest city has installed over 30 miles of protected bike lanes and has seen benefits for not only bikers, but drivers as well.

EV Explorer lets you discover your plug-in commuting costs

Shopping for cars is exciting, but daunting, especially when trying to calculate cost of ownership. And if you commute to work, you want to know what you'll be spending to get there and back. If you want to compare electric cars to gasoline-powered options, this can all get pretty confusing. Thankfully, UC Davis has launched its online Electric Vehicle Explorer tool to help make driving costs much clearer.

Peak Car is so 2004, now get on your bike and ride

So, the US metropolitan areas with the largest percentage jump in commuters that bike to work are Portland, Madison, San Francisco and Denver. Now that we've gotten the "no duh" portion of the US Public Interest Research Group's (PIRG) recent study on urban driving habits out of the way, we can dig further into a report that argues that we're about nine years past the year when "peak car" happened.

Across Country, Commuters Turn Away From Cars

Percentages of people driving to work and carpooling decline

Commuters are shedding their reliance on cars.

Zero-Car Families On The Rise, Study Says

It's the first increase in nearly five decades

Don't own a car? You're not alone. The percentage of zero-car families is increasing in the United States.

I'm Stuck app informs your elected officials when you're in traffic

Traffic, as we've established, is one of the worst things about driving. Too many motorists on too few roads is enough to ruin one's day, not to mention the impact vehicle congestion has on the environment. Now, though, an app called I'm Stuck can share the misery that comes with being lodged on the 405 for three hours for no apparent reason with the people that have the power to make road improvements: politicians.

Honda begins Micro Commuter testing

Autocar is reporting that Honda is about to start testing prototypes of its Micro Commuter, a petite EV that'll do adorable battle with the Renault Twizy if it reaches production.

How Extreme Is Your Commute To Work?

Study says 600,000 Americans are "megacommuters"

Nearly 4 million Americans have "extreme" commutes to work, according to a new study.

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