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Monster Mash

These monsters don't hide under the bed or in your closet...heck, they probably wouldn't even fit in your garage. We're talking monsters of the truck variety, but they are every bit as scary as the likes of Frankenstein and Dracula.

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No, not the ape-like creature that terrorizes camp sites of the North-West. This Bigfoot is widely considered the original monster truck and remains one of the most popular.

Since its faithful car crush stunt in the early 80's, Bigfoot has served to put monster trucks on the map. With both an American and European presence, we doubt anyone could deny this Bigfoot's existence!

  • Image Credit: Hajen, Flickr

Jurassic Attack

What could be scarier than a car-crushing, mountain-climbing, heavy-duty monster truck? One modeled after a dinosaur, that's what!

Jurassic Attack is a truck that has taken on the traits of a triceratops, complete with menacing horns and multicolored scales. Okay...this dino might not be fit for a museum exhibit, but he sure looks cool barreling down a dirt track at the local super stadium.

  • Image Credit: Hajen, Flickr


As if the Caped Crusader wasn't intimidating enough to wrong-doers, imagine criminals being chased down by the likes of this Batmobile! Not only is the Batman monster truck scary-big, but apparently quite fast as well, winning the USHRA Monster Jam World Racing Championship in 2007 and 2008.

Perhaps not the stealthiest choice in the Dark Knight's fleet, but decidedly the biggest and baddest!

  • Image Credit: thomascrenshaw, Flickr

Grave Digger

Arguably the most popular monster truck of all, Grave Digger may also be the scariest. Mix the grim name with a graveyard-themed paint job and you have one terrifying truck!

Grave Digger also has the competition shaking in their boots with his long list of accomplishments, including Monster Jam championships in various events, from racing to freestyle.

  • Image Credit: h-angele, Flickr


While technically not a truck, Robosaurus is every bit a monster. This fire-breathing, hydraulic-jawed wonder is famous for ripping apart junked cars and chewing on the scrap-metal at motorsports events around the country.

The touring T-rex has even been known to tear apart the likes of full-sized airplanes when tempted at outrageous air shows. Now that's entertainment!

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