• 2017 Ford GT front end
    • Image Credit: Ford

    It's GT configurator time.

    Today was an important day. Ford launched the configurator for the new GT supercar, which means we spent the morning messing with it to try and outdo each other with a hypothetical design. Which also means we weren't quite as productive as we could have been.

    There aren't a ton of options – the visible stuff is paint, stripes, wheels, trim finish, brake calipers, and interior theme – but they sure are fun to mix and match. One thing we agree on is that this car should have the carbon-fiber wheels, in either matte or gloss finish. We were all over the place on color, though. Click through the gallery above to see why we think we're right and our coworkers are wrong.

    *Extra fun fact: The background image used in the configurator is Detroit's Eastern Market. You probably don't recognize it without the stalls filled with flowers and produce.

  • 2017 Ford GT overhead view
    • Image Credit: Ford

    Alex Kierstein's Ford GT

    For a $450,000 car, the new Ford GT sure has a short list of options in this initial configurator. Of the eight colors to choose from, I think Liquid Blue is easily the best complement to the car’s complex shape. The red and yellow just don’t look right on the car to me. I do appreciate the matte accents, and of course I’d take the carbon fiber wheels if only because they’re the perfect fit for a composite car like the GT. Stripes? Nothing against ‘em, just not my bag. I think bringing a little exterior color inside is always tasteful, but it’s too bad there aren’t more interior styling options. It’s pretty drab in there no matter which interior color you choose. 
  • 2017 Ford GT front three-quarter
    • Image Credit: Ford

    Mike Austin's Ford GT

    As a Michigan grad and in tribute to fellow alum Adam Morath's obsession with all things Jim Harbaugh, I made my Ford GT as close to maize and blue as possible. And really, the GT is the most Harbaugh supercar out there. It doesn't need any fancy hybrid powertrain or four-wheel drive. Like the Wolverine football coach, the Ford GT backs up a take-no-prisoners attitude with solid fundamentals. My only frustration is that you can't get a yellow interior. Oh, and on a side note, carbon fiber wheels should be mandatory. If you get alloys on your Ford GT you are a terrible person. Unless you let me borrow it.
  • 2017 Ford GT overhead front view
    • Image Credit: Ford

    Jeremy Korzeniewski's Ford GT

    Want to poke Ferrari in the eye? Ford does. Has done, in fact, sending a team of cars and drivers (with a little help from their friends at Shelby) over to Europe with one goal in mind: beat Ferrari on its home turf. And Ford's original GT40 did indeed beat Enzo at his own game, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans four years in a row from 1966 to 1969. I decided to riff on that historic rivalry with my Ford GT by painting it red. To Americanize it a bit, I added racing stripes in a slightly brighter shade of red, and I went with matte carbon fiber for the lower bodywork and wheels. Shall we call it the Red Oval? No, I think I'm partial to Prancing Ford.
  • 2017 Ford GT rear view
    • Image Credit: Ford

    David Gluckman's Ford GT

    I went simple on this one, but frankly I had a tough time choosing an exterior color. Almost all of them look good, although I agree with Alex that the yellow looks a bit weird. (Sorry, Mike/Harbuaugh.) I did skip the stripes, because they look a bit too narrow, probably because they have to fit between the huge scoops in the hood. You can't see it here, but I chose the orange-accented interior, because it's not a shade of black, gray, or dark blue. So that's where Alex was wrong.
  • 2016 Ford GT | Beauty-Roll
    • Image Credit: AOL On

    2016 Ford GT | Beauty-Roll

    Autoblog brings you original footage of the 2016 Ford GT from every angle. So kick it into full-screen, turn up the volume, and enjoy exterior and interior shots of the 2016 Ford GT.
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