Next-to-last Oldsmobile ever made, a 2004 Alero, is up for sale

The last Oldsmobile offered for retail sale now can be yours

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Oldsmobile, GM's oldest automobile division and one with a storied history, went out not with a bang but with a whimper. When the end came in 2004, the last Olds model built was the wholly unremarkable Alero, a compact sedan and coupe that was the better-dressed but lesser-known sibling to the Pontiac Grand Am. The final 500 cars got Collector's Edition Alero badges, and the very last one offered for retail sale was #499 (GM retained #500 for itself). You missed your opportunity 15 years ago to grab that piece of history, but now you have another chance, as it's for sale on Autotrader.

The car was purchased new by a dealer in New Hampshire, and immediately socked away. It currently has 42 miles on it. The Collector's Edition package was $995, and included Dark Cherry exterior paint, special polished wheels with Collector's Edition center caps, specially embroidered seatbacks and floor mats, and exterior badging. It's powered by a 3.4-liter V6 (no Rocket V8 here), and options on this car include a sunroof, a CD stereo, and the Performance Suspension package. The original MSRP was $26,075, and the current ask is $25,000. Thanks to our friends at for this Alero alert-o.

Note, however, that the very last Oldsmobile ever built, Alero #500, is also out there in the wild. GM sold it in 2017 at a dealer-only auction, and it went for considerably more: $42k.

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