Volvo vows to give away cars if there's a safety during the Super Bowl

Participants must configure a car for a chance to win on Safety Sunday

Volvo Safety Sunday Super Bowl Commercial 1
  • Volvo Safety Sunday Super Bowl Commercial 1
  • Volvo Safety Sunday Super Bowl Commercial 1
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The Super Bowl is this Sunday, February 2, 2020, and that only means one thing for those not impressed by absurd feats of athleticism: The ads are coming. Volvo is the first to kick things off before the big game with the announcement of Safety Sunday, a promotional gimmick that could result in the Swedish company giving away $1 million worth of vehicles. There's just one simple thing that has to happen during the big game. At least one team needs to record a safety.

Last year, Volvo had one of 2019's most interesting Super Bowl campaigns. Rather than spending a ton of money to show a commercial during the game, Volvo averted eyes from one screen to another with a mobile game. The champion was awarded a car through Volvo's subscription service. That giving nature has carried over into 2020, and once again, Volvo is offering a chance to "win" a car. This time, participants do not need to play a game. 

To register for Safety Sunday, participants must visit, go to the configurator, and design a vehicle. It could be a V60 Cross Country wagon, an S90 sedan or a XC40 crossover — any vehicle will do. All trims and colors will work, as long as it's a 2020 Volvo available in the U.S. market. Once the car is designed and submitted, the creator will get a configuration code, and that's the end of the process. After that, it's time to cross fingers and hope for a safety. If one occurs, Volvo will select random entries as the winners.

For those unfamiliar with football terminology, a safety occurs when the defense tackles a player who has the ball on offense in his or her own endzone (fumbles out of bounds and penalties in the endzone work too). If this happens, the defense is awarded two points, and the team that was pinned has to punt the ball the ball away. It's one of the most exciting things that can happen in football, but it is rarely seen.

In total, there were only 12 safeties throughout the 2019 season, and neither the San Francisco 49ers nor the Kansas City Chiefs were responsible for any of them. Both the 49ers (48) and the Chiefs (45) were fairly successful in getting sacks this season, but the Chiefs are also top-tier in avoiding them. Largely due to the elusive nature of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs allowed only 25 sacks during the entire regular season, which was good for third-best in the league. 

Super Bowl LIV should be a great matchup between a high-powered Chiefs offense and a ravaging 49ers defense. But if there's no rooting interest on either side, Volvo just gave everybody something else to root for.

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