Cargo vans have to put up with a lot, including heavy loads, careless drivers and many miles. To help demonstrate the Citroen Berlingo cargo van is up to the challenger of a hard life, the company took it out of its normal habitat of cities and suburbs, and dropped it into a dirt rally test course. The van itself is a Berlingo in Worker trim that has an extra 1.2 inches of ground clearance, skid plates and mud and snow-rated tires. And to give it the maximum abuse, it put a World Rally Championship driver and co-driver in the front seats.

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The company captured the antics on video, as shown above, and it's quite entertaining seeing the tall little box slinging gravel and blasting through water crossings. And it does in fact get some air, though the jump is more modest than what you might take with a real rally car or a Ford F-150 Raptor. The rally drivers are clearly having fun, too. Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to start looking for cheap old vans and finding out when the next local SCCA Rallycross event is.

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