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Tasteful Vintage Electric Roadster e-bike has 75-mile range and costs $7,000

With a top speed of 36 mph

Seven thousand dollars could buy a lot of different power toys. It could buy a pretty nice Opel GT project car, a Honda Grom with a sidecar, a brand-new Yamaha Waverunner EX, or this e-bike seen here, the Vintage Electric Roadster. Styled with a premium old-school feel, the Roadster has a maximum range of 75 miles and boasts a Race Mode for more extreme driving.

Based in Santa Clara, California, Vintage Electric offers five different flavors of electric bicycle: Cafe, Rally, Tracker, Scrambler, and Roadster. While the low-end Cafe offers 20-60 miles of range and a 28-mph top speed, the new Roadster offers 40-75 miles of range and a 36-mph top speed (20 mph in Street Mode). 

The drivetrain on the Roadster is a 750-watt hub motor, with temporary Race Mode that boosts power to 3000 watts (Race Mode is recommended for personal property use only). Juice is supplied by a 48-volt battery, and the bike can fully recharge in an estimated 4.5 hours. Regenerative braking integrated into the rear brake lever helps return small amounts of power, as well.

The Roadster is comprised of a hydroformed aluminum frame, a billet aluminum stem, chromoly rise handlebars, and an
MRP inverted suspension fork with 60mm of travel. It rides on 26-inch stainless steel wheels, uses Promax Lucid hydraulic front and rear disc brakes, and has front and rear LED lighting. All said, it weighs a total of 79 pounds, including the battery. 

The Roadster offers a beautifully unique take on a classic mode of transportation, but the quality doesn't come cheap. The Roadster starts at $6,995. Inspect further at Vintage Electric.

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