Volvos — any and all of them — now get free towing for life

It doesn't matter how old or new the Volvo is

Volvo just announced an awesome new service today called Complimentary Tow for Life. It means exactly what it says. If you own a Volvo, roadside towing is now available free of charge. The coolest part? It doesn't matter how old your Volvo is, the service applies to every Volvo ever sold in the U.S.

This means that 1958 Volvo P-121 sitting in your garage gets a free tow. Same goes for the 1966 P1800. That 1980s Volvo station wagon you still daily drive? Yep, that one, too.

Of course, most folks don't drive around vintage Volvos on the daily, but now those cars and Volvo's new vehicles are covered under this towing program. Previously, Volvo only extended the complimentary tow to Volvos still under warranty as part of its roadside assistance services. Those who take advantage of the program can expect to be towed to the nearest Volvo retailer covered under the program.

Volvo's head of customer service, Scott Doering said, "Tow for Life ensures that in the event of a breakdown, help is on hand no matter the age of the vehicle. It's a commitment to all our customers that cars will be taken to experts who use genuine Volvo parts and repair methods."

To use the towing service, Volvo owners should call for help using Volvo On-Call in new cars, or call 1-800-550-5658 to get through to Volvo Customer Care.

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