Infiniti Qs Inspiration shows itself before Auto Shanghai

The future of sports sedans could be low sills and high roofs

Infiniti Qs Inspiration
  • Infiniti Qs Inspiration
  • The latest e-powered Infiniti concept previews a sports sedan production model and the carmaker's new design language.
  • Image Credit: Infiniti
  • Infiniti Qs Inspiration
  • Infiniti Qs Inspiration
Infiniti's shown off a bit of the Qs Inspiration concept before debuting the creased contrivance at Auto Shanghai next week. The concept serves a few purposes, the first to reimagine a future for sports sedans on a planet of crossovers and SUVs. The result blends a fastback with high sides that connect low ground clearance below and an elevated seating position above.

The Japanese luxury maker is all about sedans, the Qs Inspiration signaling how a carmaker watching the bottom line can maintain its interest in the passe bodystyle. The concept previews a production model, and perhaps the design language and lingo we'll see spreading through the range.
We're not sure how the low floor and higher roof work out in the cabin, but Infiniti mentions a "low-mounted powertrain and potent e-AWD system." That's undoubtedly the promise of the "all-new flexible architecture developed to accommodate high-performance electrified powertrains." Production-izing for a non-electric version would mean laying in a grille for the ICE, but an electrified version would have plenty of room for batteries and e-motors.

Before that retail model, it's possible we'll see Qs Inspiration cues on the Q50 and Q70 sedans. Take a long gander at the profile and the way the roof slopes, and you'll notice an elongated GT-R glasshouse profile. On top of that, before Infiniti released official photos, a few images leaked from China showing other angles of the concept. The rectangular steering wheel and massive digital dash cluster probably aren't going anywhere beyond Shanghai, but if Infiniti can bring that glass roof to production, that's a win in our book.

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