Infiniti teases Qs Inspiration electrified sedan concept for Auto Shanghai

New concept on a new architecture previews a forthcoming product

Infiniti has the third installment of its Q concept lineup ready for Auto Shanghai in a couple of weeks. The 2018 Detroit Auto Show saw the Q Inspiration concept, a slinky pearlescent sports sedan. This year's Detroit show welcomed the QX Inspiration concept, an ivory electric crossover that previewed a future product. The Shanghai debut blends the two with the Qs Inspiration concept, "an electrified sports sedan for the future," that previews a forthcoming product.

The Qs Inspiration appears to pick up where the 2018 Q Inspiration left off. We noted last year's show car didn't have visible tailpipes, and we suspected an electric powertrain. That wasn't the case — Infiniti said the brand's VC-Turbo technology powered the four-door. This new Qs Inspiration is built on an "all-new flexible architecture developed specifically for electrified powertrains." That's a curious distinction if by electrified Infiniti means an electrically assisted ICE. If a car needs all the paraphernalia of an ICE drivetrain, where's the electric leap?

It must be somewhere, because Infiniti says the Qs Inspiration is as groundbreaking as the Q45 sedan that birthed the brand in 1989. Company boss Christian Meunier said, "Electrification creates a range of new possibilities for sedans," the concept "letting us imagine how this type of car could be reinvigorated and adapted to fit the changing needs and tastes of drivers."

The teaser tells us nothing but to expect more white. There will be an "electrified form language" outside, a "minimalist cabin" inside. The dual-zone interior contains a "clutter-free cockpit ... to engage the driver, and a relaxed passenger zone that make the most of the generous interior space." Naturally, there'll be more Japanese "artistry and craftsmanship" than you can process in one sitting. Stay tuned April 16 for the reveal.

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