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The Pagani Huayra is nearing the end of its run. The final coupe — number 100 — will be dressed up like Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes-AMG F1 car. The roadster version that follows will be limited to just 100 examples, too. It should be no surprise then that the company is working on its third model. According to Car and Driver, a fourth one is in the works, too. Rather than a big, twin-V12, the fourth model will be all electric.

Company founder and namesake Horacio Pagani told Car and Driver that you can't just ignore electric cars. By the end of this year, Pagani plans to have a division within the company dedicated to researching and developing EVs. Like other Pagani models, there will be a heavy focus on saving weight.

Like the gasoline-powered cars, the new EV will likely use a Mercedes powertrain. Pagani has had a technical partnership with Daimler for years. Pagani says the new model is unlikely to be a hybrid, mostly to save weight.

This car is still a little ways off. Roadster production isn't set to end until 2020, giving Pagani a bit of time to work on the two new models.

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