BMW, like many other automakers, is getting serious about EVs and hybrids. The company announced it would have 12 full EVs and a total of 25 electrified cars by 2025. Cars aren't the only things BMW is electrifying though. It's continuing to offer electrically assisted bicycles, and its latest one, the Active Hybrid e-bike, even gets the same eDrive branding as BMW's current hybrids.

This isn't the first e-bike from BMW, but it does offer impressive performance compared with its predecessors. The on-board motor produces an impressive 66 pound-feet of torque. With the 504 Wh battery, the motor can provide pedal assistance for up to 62 miles and up to a speed of 16 mph. Note that it just provides pedal assistance rather than propelling the bike on its own. The amount of assistance can be adjusted to between 50 percent and 275 percent of your pedal input.

The bike has a number of handy features as well. The battery and motor are completely integrated with the frame, so there aren't any ungainly-looking battery packs hanging anywhere. A rear LED taillight is fitted in a simple, low-profile housing in the rear fender, and a headlight provides additional illumination at night. The bike also features a micro-USB port for charging your phone, and it apparently even has Bluetooth capability.

This isn't a cheap bike, though. It's priced at €3,400, which comes to a bit over $4,000 at current exchange rates. According to BMW, it will be available at select dealers, and no mention was made of U.S. availability.

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