Jay Leno checks out custom Porsche 911s from an ex-Singer employee

Porsche 911s of all eras are excellent automobiles, but as demonstrated by Magnus Walker and Singer, it's possible to make them just a bit sweeter with some aftermarket work. Marlon Goldberg, a former employee at Singer, now runs his own shop called LA Workshop 5001 working on and modifying Porsches, and he brought a couple of his shop's recent projects, a 1973 and a 1974 911, to Jay Leno's Garage.

The '73 is painted gray, and Goldberg explains that it's the last of the "long hood" 911s. This particular one was also built to be a road car, not a track car. The torsion bar suspension was ditched for coilovers, and it has a bigger 3.4-liter engine. But the engine isn't heavily modified, and it features a modern fuel injection system that should make the car reliable in all conditions. It still has much of its interior and accoutrements with the exception of a radio and air conditioning. The style is kept pretty simple, too, with a subdued gray hue and simple steel wheels.

The '74 is a much wilder car. As Goldberg explains, it's meant to be a street-legal track car or race car. Its original engine was replaced with one from the final generation of air-cooled 911s. That engine's displacement was also bumped up from 3.7 to 3.8 liters, and it Goldberg said it produced 339 horsepower on a dyno. The engine is complemented by race-ready suspension, a bold blue paint scheme, and a stripped-out interior with a welded-in roll cage. Goldberg doesn't like backdating the aesthetics of his cars, so it features a composite replica of a racing-style '74 bumper.

This blue 911 is also the one Leno and Goldberg go in for a spin. Leno clearly enjoys it, remarking how well it drives, and how it even rides pretty well despite the racing suspension. The car sounds fantastic, too, with all six individual throttle bodies letting out an phenomenal intake howl as the car accelerates. Leno also talks about how cars that aren't monstrously powerful are still special, and something he began to appreciate more as he got older. Check out the video above for all the details.

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