Belgian hypermilers wring 560 miles from a Tesla Model S 100D 

Duo break old record by about 10 miles

A pair of Belgians collaborated to drive a Tesla 560 miles on a full charge, breaking a 21-month-old long-distance record for an production electric vehicle. The duo, Steven Peeters and Joeri Cools, also achieved some cosmic symmetry in the process, averaging 24 miles per hour for almost an even 24 hours. We'll ignore that European kilometer thing for the moment.

Peeters, the owner of the new Tesla Model S 100D, wrote on his blog that he and his co-pilot Cools took a different approach than previous efforts by driving a "closed loop" instead of going as far as they could in a relative straight line. In this case, the course was a 16-mile loop that the pair chose because it was flat, without traffic lights, and without intersections.

Aside from being pulled over by the local police (who let them off once they explained what they were doing — try that in the US), the pair drove without interruption and settled in at 24 miles per hour as the speed with the lowest energy consumption. Peeters wrote that he would "learn from each round" how to better take turns and approach other parts of the "course" to keep the energy usage to a minimum.

Peeters writes that the only real challenge was keeping the windows shut and the air conditioning turned off after the sun came up during the latter part of the exercise, after which the in-car temperature exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit. So much for co-pilot Cools staying cool.

The duo beat the record that had been set in September 2015 by Casey Spencer, who drove at the leisurely pace of 22 miles per hour for about 26 hours to reach 550 miles before his Tesla Model S 85D ran out of juice. Somebody get these guys some coffee.

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