Tesla owner and master tinkerer Jason Hughes has done some nifty things with his cars. These include various hacks, teardowns, and upgrades that have earned him a degree of fame within the Tesla community. He's also been able to extract data from Teslas, whether its usable battery capacity, uncovering the P100D badge in the car's software code ahead of its release, or grabbing video camera footage from crashed vehicles. He recently pulled Autopilot camera footage from a Model S P85D salvage in Maryland, which just happens to be from the same car from a customer testimonial about how the car saved the driver's life.

Back in May of 2016, Tesla posted a customer story from Michelle Scott entitled, "Still a complete family, thanks to our Tesla!" It's a harrowing account of her husband's Model S getting rear ended by a box truck at full speed, propelling the EV into a semi hauling jet engines, and then into another SUV before coming to rest against the median. Michelle's husband, Bill, managed to call her from the wreckage while waiting to be cut from the car by emergency responders. His injuries were minor, though, despite a state trooper telling him, "We all thought we were rolling up on a fatality." Bill, his family, and that trooper credit the Tesla for his safety.

Jason Hughes posted a GIF of the crash footage on Twitter, which brings to life the gravity of the moment just as much as the wreckage photos in the customer story. Hughes has also pulled crash video from other Teslas, including a collision with an Acura in an intersection, and one of a P100D, supposedly driven by a joyriding valet, hitting a stone wall. If you ever total a Tesla, there's also a chance its Autopilot camera footage could end up on Hughes's Twitter account, too. Let's just hope there's another happy ending.

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