While Volkswagen reached a settlement to buy back 2.0-liter diesel inline-fours with emissions defeat devices, the roughly 80,000 cars with 3.0-liter diesel V6s built by Audi have yet to be addressed. But a new report from Bloomberg indicates that a solution is near. The publication says that sources familiar with the situation say the company has a fix ready for the majority of the cars, and that the EPA and California Air Resources Board are ready to approve it.

According to Bloomberg, this fix would involve a software update and would work for about 60,000 of the Audi A8, Q5, Q7, Porsche Cayenne, and VW Touareg models with the engine. The rest of the vehicles won't be fixable without major modification, so those would have to be purchased back from the owners. Bloomberg does point out that approval from the EPA and CARB are only one piece of the puzzle. The publication said that this deal has yet to be approved by owners of the cars and the Federal Trade Commission, both of which may demand that VW offer a buyback to all owners, even those whose cars can be fixed.

The good news for owners of VW products with this engine, is that they should have some closure pretty soon. And owners that still like their diesel V6 can take solace that they might actually be able to get them fixed, as opposed to owners of the 2.0-liter diesels. VW offered buybacks to owners of all 475,000 cars with the turbo four-cylinders, or a fix when it's available. However, there have been no signs of an approved fix.

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