Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain shows Germans can do tough-looking wagons too

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
All aboard the all-terrain! Mercedes-Benz, taking a page from the Audi Allroad, Subaru Outback and Volvo Cross Country playbooks, has kitted up the new E-Class wagon for some mild off-road adventures. Like those aforementioned competitors, the E-Class All-Terrain blurs the line between wagon and crossover, creating a fairly tough-looking and handsome vehicle.

Creating the All-Terrain is easy enough. Take the E-Class wagon with the company's 4MATIC all-wheel drive, lift the suspension, and add new front, rear, and side treatments. It's the same thing other companies have been successfully doing for years. Mercedes take doesn't seem to bring anything new or groundbreaking to the segment, but competition and options are always welcome.

The new model will launch as an E 220 d 4MATIC with a 2.0-liter diesel and a nine-speed automatic. Mercedes says a six-cylinder version will follow soon after. We can all cross our fingers for an awesome, V8-powered AMG variant down the line.

The All-Terrain will come equipped with adjustable air suspension, so the ride should be fairly smooth and composed, even over some mild terrain. The wheels, both 19 and 20-inch options, have tires with larger sidewalls. That should help smooth out the ride and slightly improve ground clearance.

Like it's competition, the E-Class All-Terrain features lots of plastic cladding on the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle. It gives it a rugged look, though we're not sure how much additional protection it may provide. Really though, the standard E-Class Wagon should be plenty capable for most shoppers.

Inside, it's all handsome and well-appointed E-Class luxury. Lots of nice wood and leather. The All-Terrain thankfully keeps the rear-facing third row.

The new E-Class All-Terrain is set to debut at the Paris Motor Show and will be available to the public starting in 2017. It's unclear if the vehicle will be coming to the US, but as far as we know Mercedes hasn't ruled it out.

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