Nikola Zero electric UTV arrives with a $37,500 price tag

You can buy an off-road fun buggy or, well, a Chevy Bolt for the same price.

The first vehicle made by the Nikola Motor Company is not going to be the Nikola One semi-truck, but the all-electric Zero utility vehicle. The UTV was revealed today at the Sand Sports Super Show in Torrance, CA. The Zero costs $37,500, and Nikola is taking $750 refundable deposits now.

Just as it changed the powertrain of the One, the details of the Zero are different now than when it was first announced in May. It has a bigger battery (72-kWh instead of 50-kWh) and it now has "up to 520 horsepower" instead of just a flat-out 520 hp, as was promised. The 0-60 time was promoted as under three seconds in May, but today it's just three seconds. We'll not quibble over that one, as either time will be quick enough for anything you'd want your UTV to do. The range is listed as somewhere between 100 and 200 miles, and that probably depends heavily on how often you test out that 0-60 sprint.

There are motors at each wheel in the Zero, which the company says means, "Less slip, less breakdowns, instant power, better performance, faster response, incredible regenerative stopping power, and true Nikola power any time, anywhere ... even underwater." Of course, the company also says that, "With IP67 ratings on all parts, you can submerge your UTV in water and drive out. Although we do not condone this activity and strictly prohibit it for safety reasons, being waterproof gives you peace of mind when going through wet terrain. [emphasis added]" Read more about it here.

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