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How to save thousands on car repairs each year

The FIXD Active Car Health Monitor tells you when something is wrong with your vehicle—and how to fix it, too.

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So you're driving down the freeway, taking a roadtrip to meet some friends. There's nothing but the open road in front of you. And then the check engine light turns on.

Do you assume it's nothing serious and keep driving (and risk worsening the problem)? Or do you hunt down the nearest mechanic and get it checked out?

The FIXD Active Car Health Monitor can solve that conundrum for you, in no time flat.

This compact sensor plugs directly into your car's dash and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Whenever there's an issue with your car, the monitor sends notifications to your phone, with details about the severity of the issue, what to do about it, and the likely consequences that will occur if you keep driving.

It even includes an average estimate of what it will cost to get the problem fixed, if that's what is needed. And it doesn't just decipher your check engine light: FIXD will tell you when there's something wrong with anything from your air bags to your O2 sensor.

FIXD also reminds you when it's time to get maintenance done on your car (or cars—you can remotely monitor all of your vehicles simultaneously). And completed maintenance tests are recorded to create a vehicle health record that you can export and print.

Take the guesswork out of taking care of your car, and snap up the FIXD Active Car Health Monitor today. You'll save 28% off the retail price, and pay just $34.99 for a limited time.

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