Panicked horse gallops down Houston highway

Escaped horses are a relatively common thing in a state with as rich a ranching and rodeo heritage as Texas. A horse galloping down busy urban freeway in the dead of night, though? That's weird even for the Great State.

According to KSAT, Christopher McKelvey was traveling along busy Interstate 610 near Cullen Boulevard in Houston around 10:00 pm on June 25. Suddenly, he spotted a riderless horse galloping along in the lane next to him.

"My first thought was I need to try and get him off the highway," McKelvey told KSAT. "It's just crazy. You're exiting from 288, and you just see a horse."

McKelvey said the horse was young, healthy-looking, and shod but was obviously panicked as it ran for its life through traffic. In an attempt to avert disaster, he and a group of other motorists attempted to herd the terrified animal off of the freeway and on to a side street.

"I used hand gestures to signal the other drivers," said McKelvey. "We formed a wave, and once we got the horse running with the flow of traffic he started to calm down."

Eventually, McKelvey and his fellow motorists managed to corral the horse in the right lane and herd onto the 610 East feeder road. One of the other motorists who helped McKelvey herd the animal called the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to report the horse, but it wandered off and its whereabouts are currently unknown.

This isn't the first errant animal story to come out of Texas this year. Back in May, a young bull led Arlington, TX police on a four-hour long chase through the city after it escaped its pen. That animal was eventually captured by a friendly rancher. Hopefully the same fate befell Houston's mystery horse.

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