Bull leads Texas police on four hour chase

The cops didn't even catch him, that's no bull.

A bull leading police on a chase through a Texas town may sound like something out of a country music song, but police in Arlington, Texas recently had just such a situation on their hands. According to WFAA, on the afternoon of May 9, a young bull got loose from his pen and decided to take a stroll through the streets of Arlington.

"There was a cow walking down the neighborhood," said Arlington resident Jillyan Nance. "It trotted down my home and cut across our yard into the neighbor's yard."

Arlington police were alerted to the escaped bull and, in a scene more Texas than Steve Earle drinking a Shiner at the Alamo, they attempted to chase it down with police cruisers. For the next four hours, police engaged the creature in a sedate, low-speed chase through Arlington, Dalworthington Gardens, and other neighboring towns. The bull, for his part, largely ignored his pursuers and the throngs of people coming out of their houses to watch the strange scene and post pictures to Facebook and Instagram. With numerous police cruisers in not-quite-hot pursuit, the bull ambled along the shady streets, stopping here and there to munch on some grass and take in the views.

Eventually, a friendly local rancher showed up and lassoed the bull in Dalworthington Gardens just before 9:00 p.m. Police have not released the name of the bull's owner or any motive for its escape. Perhaps, like the unicorn that escaped into a California orchard back in February, it decided that it had had enough of working for a living and was looking for something else.

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