We already had a story today about a class-action lawsuit against GM over allegations about emissions from Chevy Cruze diesels in the US. But it turns out there has been just a glut of legal action this week over various emissions situations from various automakers. Here's a quick rundown.

First, we've got Norway, which has filed a complaint against VW over it's on-going emissions scandal. This is the big one, which might cost the automaker at least $10 billion in the US. The complaint was filed by Norway's sovereign wealth fund, which is worth $850-billion and is the largest VW shareholder without a seat on the board, according to Automotive News.

Then, over in Korea, a VW executive was arrested for potentially breaking the country's environmental laws for manipulating emissions test results. VW was trying to import two dozen models and needed to pass emissions checks for them, but it allegedly forged documents to do so, Automotive News reports.

Lastly, and getting away from VW for a second, we have a story of an automaker suing a government. In this case, Nissan is suing South Korea for claiming that the Japanese automaker lied about the emissions from the diesel-powered Qashqai. A Nissan spokesperson told Automotive News that, "We have filed the lawsuit to dispute the ministry's accusations.

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