Watch Ken Block meet (and drift) the Ford Focus RS RX

See Ford's rally-bred racer through the eyes of its famous pilot.

The World Rallycross season is one third of the way through, and Hoonigan Racing's Ken Block and Andreas Bakkerud have managed to get the new Ford Focus RS RX into a final in three out of four events. But today, Ford Performance released a video that flashes back to April, when Block and Bakkerud first met their 2016 racer and got a feel for it.

The video shows Block grinning as he settles into the driver's seat and offers suggestions to Ford engineers for the angle of controls. He's been anticipating this moment. "It's been such a long project in development [with] so many people involved and it's been really a cool experience to get to this point," he says in the video. "So actually seeing the car in the flesh for the first time ever was amazing."

The video features the RS RX going through its shakedown, and it's done up with lots of slow-motion spins and drifts. Block is impressed, and the RS RX is more than adept at tackling the historic Kirkbride Airfield in the United Kingdom. As Block and Bakkerud have proven, it's also handled the early part of the WRC season in solid fashion.

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