Chevy Camaro crashes at Cars and Coffee, Mustang fans laugh

Mustangs have gotten a bum rap this year. Gearheads on the internet have been all aflutter this year over videos showing Mustang owners wrecking their at various Cars and Coffee meetups. They make it look like Ford's pony car has penchant for driving into walls or crowds or other cars, usually on clear, dry, straight, flat roads with no other obstructions. The heady combination of horsepower, caffiene, and hubris is the root cause of most of these easily avoided accidents, and they're responsible for many Cars and Coffee meetups getting canceled.

Mustang owners now get to enjoy a bit of schadenfreude after a video surfaced showing a race-prepped Camaro losing it after leaving a Cars and Coffee in Reno, Nevada. The video, shot on May 15 and uploaded by YouTuber MustangMatt, captured the Chevy's epic burnout and tragic aftermath. The car itself was a heavily modified first-generation Camaro drag racer with a tube frame, a huge blower sticking out of the hood, slicks on the rear and skinnies on the front. The driver, apparently wanting to show off the Camaro's quarter-mile performance, put his foot all the way in it as he pulled out of the parking lot.

Sadly, things went almost immediately sideways for the driver. The rear end broke loose and the car went head-first into the fence barrier separating the road lanes. Thankfully the driver wasn't hurt, but the crash demolished the Camaro's front end, tearing off the fascia, mangling the fenders, and smashing the radiator. Bystanders from the meetup lended a hand to the mortified driver by helping extract the Camaro from the fence and picking up pieces for him.

MustangMatt states on his YouTube page that the driver plans to have the Camaro rebuilt for Reno's Hot August Nights rally later this year. Hopefully he'll be a little easier on the throttle when he leaves.

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