Some have compared Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk to a rock star. So it's only fitting that one Australian man has already jumped in line for a chance to reserve a Model 3, like a kid looking to get first dibs on tickets for an upcoming concert. We've all been there.

Stephens drives a 22-year-old Toyota Corolla and doesn't even know exactly how much the Model 3 will cost.

The California-based electric-vehicle maker won't start taking reservations for the Model 3 until this Thursday, but Australian Andreas Stephens is already waiting outside of a Tesla dealership in Sydney so that he can be first in line when orders start being taken on the other side of the international date line, according to Mashable. Stephens drives a 22-year-old Toyota Corolla and doesn't even know exactly how much the Model 3 will cost (no one outside of Tesla does yet), but he's already camping out, complete with a book on Elon Musk for his entertainment.

That fanaticism may be warranted, says Teslarati writer "Electric Jen," who's posted an article saying that the Model 3 may put the US back atop the global car-making heap and that "their moment in the spotlight is finally coming." Reports may bear her out, as the car is believed to cost about $35,000 and will feature a single-charge range of 200 miles, two magic numbers that could mark a tipping point towards electric-vehicle adoption. Factor in Tesla's now-proven penchant for making stylish cars that are by all accounts a blast to drive, and the enthusiasm will be broad.

So broad, in fact, that Teslarati's already estimated that the company will take about 100,000 reservations (at $1,000 a pop) for the Model 3 within 24 hours of opening up the phone lines, websites, and dealership doors on March 31. That night, Tesla is hosting an unveiling event for about 800 people at its Hawthorne, California, facility near Los Angeles.

When Tesla gets around to actual deliveries of the Model 3, the first will take place on the US West Coast, and that Mr. Stephens may be further usurped by the existing Tesla Model S owners who may get first dibs in Australia. Still, Tesla Motors appears to be pretty impressed by his devotion, even posting a Tweet about him here.

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