Mercedes-AMG has moved its testing of the new GT R from the snows of Arctic to its home country's most famous race track, the Nürburgring. This marks our first real look at the ultra-performance version of the already high-performing AMG GT in motion. As you'll see it's a very fast car indeed.

The video clip is only 38 seconds long, but it shows the AMG GT R being absolutely caned around the German race track. It's fast and its cornering looks flat and neutral. There's simply no drama here – it just goes. That drama-free handling character translates to the exhaust note, though. It's not terribly AMG-ish, with a purposeful growl as it passes the camera. It's very quiet on approach, which isn't what we expect from Mercedes' in-house tuning arm.

This prototype strips away some of the camouflage of past GT R development cars, revealing normal sheetmetal above the beltline. The aerodynamic enhancements look unchanged, with a strong, wide rear wing and a very aggressive front fascia. There's still a honker of a diffuser, and we're digging that center-exit exhaust.

With this kind of hardcore testing underway, we've little reason to doubt our prediction from February that the AMG GT R would make a debut later this summer. Check out the prototype in action around the Ring.

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