Hey look, it's the Tesla Model 3. Sent to us earlier today by an anonymous tipster who claims to work for Tesla and hates his job, this single picture is supposed to be the highly-anticipated car. The Model 3 is the one that will bring Tesla's luxury brand to the average car shopper as it competes with the new batch of longer-range EVs like the Chevy Bolt EV.

Of course, what we're looking at here isn't really the Model 3. It is an editing job based on this official Tesla photo of the Model X. The back has been smooshed a bit, but the front end is almost an unchanged X. There's a few tweaks to the headlights and Mr. Anon gave it a set of rear suicide doors. The red brake calipers, which usually signify a Performance package, are a nice touch because they could actually be an option on the real Model 3 (we've learned there will not be a Signature edition of the 3, but that doesn't preclude a Performance version).

This rendering is just the latest in a number of fake Model 3 images that have been unleashed on the Internet. The only Model 3 image that has any chance to be real is this one, which was snagged by 60 Minutes last August, but there is a particularly unappealing fake version here, which takes all the unusual aspects of the BMW i3 and blows them into unfortunate proportions. We like this rendering, which looks elegant and plausible. These not-real Model 3 renderings also look good, because the idea of a Tesla performance hatch is just thrilling. As you can tell from all of these made-up Model 3s, people are pretty thrilled to see whatever Tesla is going to show at the actual reveal in just two weeks.

Speaking of the reveal event on March 31, we'll be on hand and you will be able to live-stream from the comfort of your own home. The Model 3 will have a range of over 200 miles and cost $35,000 and come to market in late 2017.

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