Will Tesla Motors unveil its Model 3 later this month with the same kind of flash as it did with its Model X crossover vehicle four years ago? That's a question worth asking after Tesla circulated a letter offering members of Tesla Referral Program tickets (though no travel expenses) to a March 31 event in Southern California, according to both the Tesla Motors Club and Teslarati. Either way, expect music, drinks and mayhem to ensue.

The electric-vehicle maker isn't saying much about the details of what we'll learn at the end of the month. Tesla spokeswoman Alexis Georgeson, in a response to an AutoblogGreen query, confirmed today that the Model 3 will be unveiled March 31, but declined to disclose any other details about the event. But the Southern California locale hints that the event may take place at Tesla Design Studios in Hawthorne, where the Model X event was held in early 2012 and included luminaries such as California Gov. Jerry Brown as well as a post-unveiling concert by Los Angeles-based alt-rockers Foster the People.

Whether the Model 3 event will have the same Velvet Rope and Red Carpet flash remains in question, as the new model will be priced to have a less exclusive, more populist bent. Tesla has already said the car will be priced at about $35,000 (or about half the base price of the Model S and less than half the cost of a Model X) and will have a 200-mile single-charge range. Model 3 deliveries are slated to start by the end of next year, though Tesla doesn't exactly have a reputation for meeting its launch deadlines. But it is known for throwing very buzzy premier parties, so stay tuned for more details on this one.

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