What better day to drop videos of you and your wife drag-racing together for the first time – and breaking records – than Valentines? None better, we say. Brooks Weisblat, who runs the Drag Times website, chose February 14 to share some special one-on-one moments he recently spent with his wife Beth, when they sped down the dual quarter-mile strips of Palm Beach International Raceway in their his-and-hers Teslas.

The couple had just taken delivery of a deep blue metallic Founder's Edition Tesla Model X P90D with ludicrous mode, giving them the opportunity to set up what is most likely the first official track meeting of the electric SUV and its Model S precursor, a ludicrous P90D example of which already has a home in their garage. As you can see in the awesome video above, they're pretty closely matched, despite the ponderous 600-pound weight penalty the X carries.

Though it's not an official record – NEDRA doesn't (yet) have a separate category for SUVs – Beth's time of 11.61 seconds at 116 miles per hour is likely as quick as any bone-stock production grocery hauler has ever made the 440-yard trip. Not bad for a racing debut. Brooks, on the other hand, has a lot of track time under his belt, and had already captured the NEDRA street production record in his previous 2014 non-ludicrous Tesla Model S P85D. A couple weeks ago he smashed that record, chalking up 11.244 seconds at 118.58 mph as the new time to beat.

With multiple cameras mounted on the cars, and one in the air, you can watch the two race each other from pretty much every angle. Footage of Weisblat's record-breaking runs in his Model S can be seen in a separate video below. More details can be found over at Drag Times.

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