The Instagram account of UK Photographer James Lipman is our portal into the first official images of Tesla Gigafactory 1. Yes, we've seen some overhead shots and plenty of drone footage during construction, but it appears Tesla actually invited lensman Lipman to take some rather stunning photos of the site. Of the four photos Lipman posted, the one interior shot only gets as far as the lobby - the rest are of the site.

We can't remember a factory getting this much attention since Volkswagen announced its return to the United States. Even then, few cared about the actual facility. But in this case the 13.6-million-square-foot, $5-billion joint project with Panasonic powered completely by renewable energy is not only expected to be the largest or second-largest building in the world, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said it will make the Model 3 possible once the Gigafactory 1 is "fully operational." We're talking about the Model 3 that, if delivered with the range and at the price promised, along with Tesla style and OEM reliability, will have something like the effect of the original iPhone in EV space.

Let's note the verbiage of Gigafactory 1, as in this being the first. A year ago Musk said he was going to break ground at a second Gigafactory site to ensure there were no issues getting fully operational by 2020. Not long after, he said he envisioned the world needing at least 200 gigafactories just to supply the auto industry. They don't all need to be Tesla operations, but he apparently figures that more than one of them will be.

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